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    Lizardmen 1000pts, friendly play

    Hi! I'm new here, name's Emil, and I played warhammer some 5 years ago. Played Vampire Counts back then, but got tired since they are to slow and alike. So I went with Lizardmen instead, and this is the army I've come up with. Is it any good?

    Saurus Scar-Veterna (153 points)
    Great Weapon, Shield, Light Armor (Yes I know that he can't use great weapon and shield, but with 2 points to waste, might as well give him the option)
    Blessed Spawning of Quetzl
    Bane Head
    Aura of Quetzl
    Skink Priest (125 points)
    Level 2
    Dispel Scroll
    23 Saurus Warriors (294 points)
    Standard Bearer & Musician
    14 Skink Skirmishers (84)
    Javelin & Shield
    13 Skink Skirmishers (7
    Javelin & Shield
    13 Skink Skirmishers (91)
    5 Saurus Cavalry (175)

    Total: 1000 points.

    Pretty simple units, I'm buying the Battalion to get a start (and get back my painting skills before buying something really expensive). The tactic will mainly be pure force, backed up by some skinks. I'll have the Saurus go with the Scar-Veteran with the Skinks as a shield, while using the Cavalry to get some flanking opportunities.

    Should I split the saurus into two units of 12?
    Also, how many attacks does the Saurus Cavalry have? I've seen people here saying two, but don't the saurus make two attacks and the mount one?

    What should I get next? Should I go for salamanders, or maybe kroxigors? More skinks? The skinks do seem great, but isn't it hard to use many, since they are skirmishers and have such short range?

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    1,000 points lizardmen

    first i'd drop yhe skink priest down a level. magic wont do much good in a 1,000 point game with this type of list. and instead give your scar veteran the charm of the jaguar to increase his movement to 9". this is a really effective combo as u will get 4 strength 7 hits enough for a alot of damage to alot of things espescially chariots. you could charge him out of his unit at certain characters aswell with his 18" charge.
    then i'd equip all ur skinks with blowpipes instead of javelins. the shields will make not much differenvce and most people prefer blowpipes to javelins. multiple shooting can be deadly.
    i'd remove some of the saurus and just ahave 1 smaller unit of them maybe 18 or so. cause this unit will be too expensive otherwise in a 1,000 point game.lastly I u would try to get some more points off and equip your saurus cavalry with a standard bearer and haunchi's blessed totem for a total of 60 points. This unit is then really good for flank charges as u could march them from the front to the flank of a unit and then move into them in the magic phase.
    as for what to get next i'd go for salamanders. they are very effective in units of 3. very good against elves of any variety. finnaly suarus cavalry have 2 attacks each AND the cold ones get 1 attack each for a total of 3. the attacks are worked out using the different stat lines.
    good luck.

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