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    lizardmen, 2000pts, friendly

    hello, I am a fairly new warhammer player and so this list probably needs some tweaking but tell me what you think, all suggestions and comments are welcome

    slann mage priest-385
    diadem of power, battle standard bearer

    skink priest-90
    dispel scoll

    saurus scar-vet-128
    SSoSotek, CoJW, great weapon, la, shield

    saurus warriors*14(slann in unit)-180

    saurus warriors*14(scar-vet in unit)-180

    saurus warriors*12-144





    saurus calvary*6-270
    standard bearer, huanchi's blessed totem


    total of 1996pts
    models-85(not including salamander handlers)

    the thought of this army was a few small units of saurus with some heavy hitters and of course skink screens and slann. I chose 3 small units of saurus because with all the other lists floating around i normally only see 1-2 big units and i thought 3 would be more flexible. the slann goes in the unit of 14 with a champion, it'll be set up 6x3. The saurus goes with the other unit of 14 with standard, it'll be set up 5x3, and then theres another unit of 12 which will be 4x3 for some support

    so what do u think

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    Welcome to LO, Jackson, and welcome to the ranks of the Lizardmen. The Lizardmen are a great army to play. They're very versatile, resilient and they look great on the table.

    With regards to your list, it looks like you want to go magic-heavy. In that case, it's best to go all the way with magic, because going half-way will leave you weak on two fronts.

    If I may make a few comments regarding your selections:

    The Slann might as well be second generation. It's expensive, but it's the best caster for the money. Buy it and you practically own the Magic Phase. From there, two Skink Priests attending to his needs (carrying his scrolls and acting as his eyes) complete the Magic Phase domination. Finish any Phase with Drain Magic and your enemy's casters are now useless.

    The Scar-Vet is nice, but he's points that could be spent towards more magic.

    The Saurus are nice, but I've always felt they operate better in larger blocks. Since they function as defense for the Slann anyway, it's best to leave them big and basic.

    The Skinks are great. I love them and, to me, they are probably the best unit in the Lizardmen's list, point for point. If anything, get more of them. Their hit-and-fade ability is priceless.

    Saurus Cavalry are nice, but, again, they are really expensive.

    The Kroxigors are great, as are the Salamanders.

    To Summarize, here's how I would set up a Slann-based Magic list.

    Lords & Heroes
    Slann: 2nd Generation, Battle Standard, Diadem of Power, Plaques of Dominion and Tepok
    Skink Priest: Level 2 Caster, Cloak of Feathers
    Skink Priest: 2 Dispell Scrolls (Basically as nasty as Magic can get.)

    Skink Scouts (x10)
    Skink Scouts (x10)
    Skinks (x10) (I love Skinks.)
    Skinks (x10)
    Saurus Warriors (x15): Standard, Musician (Basic Blocks to protect the Slann.)
    Saurus Warriors (x15): Standard, Musician

    Saurus Warriors (x16): B.S.Tlazcotl (These Warriors protect the Slann. They will never run.)
    Kroxigors (x3)

    Salamanders (x2)

    Totals: 1,997 points
    100 models
    10 Power Dice
    7 Dispell Dice

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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