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    2,000 pts, competitive without slann

    Old Blood with blade of revered tzunki, aura of qutzl, light armour, shield
    BS of itzel, sotek, and old ones; and riding a cold one
    ttl: 343

    Scar Veteran with charm of the jaguar, bane head, great weapon, light armour, shield
    BS of sotek, quetzl

    skink priest lvl one with diadem of power

    15 saurus warriors with spears and full command

    10 skinks w/ blowpipes

    10 skinks w/ javalins


    15 saurus warriors w/ spears, full command, and blessing of tepok

    3 kroxigors

    6 saurus cavalry w/ full command, war banner



    1 salamander

    total :2000

    Usually, i put my lord in the unit of saurus cavalry (obvious), and target there general, or some other importent character of theres with the bane head. The two issues with this army is that with my lord being so expensive, and he's in a unit of cavalry, he vary rarely does his points in damage. Also, a friend of mine has started playing a dwarf gunline army (anvil of doom, grudge thrower, cannon, about 6 bolt throwers, and a handfull of thunderers), and ideas on how to take on this army, I have yet to make a dent in it. ( I used other armies than this one, because with so few skinks, this army dies quickly to guns)

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    I would say use more skinks then! I play against my friend's dwarf army, doesn't use a full gunline thankfully, but has quite a few crossbows, thunderers and some warmachines, and I've found skinks amazing. Fighting him, I don't take less that 40, and occasionally I take 60, with a unit scouting to harry his machines. Once, I tried scouting two units, since I tend to get lucky with poison rolls against dwarves, once machines are down, shoot up his range units. All this while my saurus are moving up, behind their walls of skinks. All you need to do is reach him in more or less one piece, then you're good. Also, although highly debated, I'm not personally a fan of CoR. Too many points for me, and I find they rarely kill their worth. If you were to sack the riders(saves 285 pts), and drop your general to foot (save 42 pts remember you get to drop the spawning too), you get 327 pts. I would grab a unit of 4 Terradons, a unit of 10 skinks to scout, and 2 units of 10 skinks as more screens. This would give you some chances to tie up his line, just long enough for your saurus to get there. In the case that you love CoR, just forget what I said These are just my tactics, but hope they work for you if you try to use them.

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