This is my list for the upcoming 'Ard Boyz semi-finals [had to drop my Beast/Mortals army due to the new books coming out >]

This is the general list

Scar Vet General
light armor
spawnings of Tlzacotl and Quetzl
Enchanted shield, Sword of Striking
Old Blood (JSoD)

light armor, shield, great weapon
spawnings of Tlazcotl, Quetzl, Sotek
Aurua of Quetzl, Jagaur Icon

Old Blood
light armor, shield, cold one
spawnings of Quetzl, Sotek, (and the one that lets you ride mounts)
Scimitar of the sun resplendant, 5+ ward item

Scar Vet BSB
light armor, cold one
War Banner

Skink shaman
lvl 2
Diadem of Power

Skink Shaman
x2 dispel scroll

10 skink

10 skink

13 skink scouts

12 saurus
champ, music, spears (deploy in 2 lines of 6)

18 saurus spawning of quetzl
full command (will be joined by BS

19 Saurus spawning of Tlazcotl
full command (joined by general)

4 Kroxigors

4 Kroxigors

5 Terradons



3 Salamanders

Im counting on some pretty hard lists coming my way so hopefully I will be able to handle it. I was able to weather some pretty magic heavy armies with just 1 lvl spellcaster with 2 scrolls so I think i should be ok on that front.