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    For the return of Rexxus, Lizardmen 1000pts

    This list is for when I've finished Skaven and Greenskins, played a game of each with them, and head back to Lizardmen. This list was devised roughly at first when I went to my oma's place for mothers day, then finalized during the time I got back home.
    (Note: I'll be skimping on listing points values this time, just to be safe )

    "Saurus Scar Veteran"
    - Hand Weapon, Shield, Light Armour, Blood Statuette of Spite
    - Blessed Spawn of Quetzl

    "Skink Priest"
    - Hand Weapon, Diadem of Power
    - Level 2 Wizard

    "20x Saurus Warriors"
    - Hand Weapons, Shields, Full Command

    "13x Skink Skirmishers"
    - Hand weapons, Shields, Javelins

    "12x Skink Skirmishers"
    - Hand Weapons, Blowpipes, scouts

    "4x Kroxigors"
    - Great Weapons

    "Salamander Hunting Pack"

    Total Points Cost: 998

    This army'll be run on the field in two groups (three if you include the scouting skinks).

    For the first group, the Saurus Warriors will form the centre of my setup screened by the javelin skinks to enable them to survive any shooting there might be.
    The second skinks unit will be ahead of the army thanks to the scouts rule, hopefully to throw a wrench into the enemy's plans.
    The Scar-Veteran will be right next to them, lending a hand to the skinks with his leadership and making use of the statuette on specific characters that would be deemed a major threat to my operations (the Masque of the Daemons and any wizards in particular, for instance); that, and he's particularly well suited for challenges or joining with the Saurus Warriors if need be.

    Meanwhile, the Skink Priest will run along with the Kroxigors and the Salamander.
    The Kroxigors have a handful of attacks that'll break almost anything that gets in their way such as chariots and certain lone monsters (save a Fanatic, which should be left to either the Skink Priest's magic or the Salamander's fiery fury). Wonder how they'll fare against a Vargul on their own (hmmm).
    The Salamander will be on the opposite side of the Kroxigors from the Skink Priest, and will be letting loose a round of blazing heck on particular targest farther away than a 12" charge distance (won't be taking any chances here).
    As for the Skink Priest, he'll be a help regardless of whatever spells he gets from the Lore of Heavens, and the Diadem of Power lets me save up to two unused power/dispel dice for the next magic phase. This way, I can choose whether I'll need more magic power or dispelling chances against a particularly dangerous spell (unfortunately, this won't help against Tomb Kings one bit except where the Scar-Vet is involved).

    There we go. And like I said, this is a set list for when I decide to return to the scaly lizardmen. Comments and suggestions are welcome, especially for tactics.

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    Cant remember what the statuette does off the top of my head. A second Priest would be good, with the 1st being Lv2 then another caster cant hurt, and theyre nice and cheap.

    Id say drop the Saurus down to 17, assuming the ScarVet will be here, Or, drop to 12 and lose their banner too. They make a good Elite combat unit.

    I think dropping one Krox will be ok for now, and if you lose a Sallie too then you may just be able to get some Saurus Cav in if you like the look of them.

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