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    500 point southlands

    Me and two friends are all starting a new warhammer army in 500 point blocks, we've all purchased our first block, (Mines below) and arn't playing/buying more until the block is FULLY painted a based as we all have a habbit of buying faster then we can paint. The others having bretonians (Knight heavy) and Beastmen (Using house rules or mortal/deamon core units being special).

    Well I'm not 100% sure if I'll stick with southlands, but my first two 500 blocks wont include any saurus. Once I've had one or two games playing with 1000 points I'll make my mind up if I want to use the actual southlands list or go with a normal list.

    Anyway, this is what I have for my first block:

    Skink Shaman (Cloak of feathers, level 2)
    Skink Chief (Stegagon helm(?), 5+ save shield)
    14 Blowpipe skinks (Scout)
    14 Javalin skinks
    1 Salamander
    This comes to 499.

    One blister of skink heroes, one box (Plus 4 spare old metal skinks I aquired) and one blister of something cool is the main reason behind this list, but there is some thought behind it.

    I've put some thought on what to do to bring this upto 1000 now I've almost finished painting.

    I've thinking something like this:
    3 Kroxigor
    Another skink priest
    24 Cohorts with javalins (Mainly because if I choose not to go the southlands route they can be used as normal skirmishers) with full command (Converted, should be straight forward and I'm looking for converting opertunities).

    That should bring me to about 1000.
    Wont be using this is tournies, at least not any time soon, and my friends are pretty open to house rules (Skink chief on a carnosaur might be on the cards when I hit 2000).
    What would you guys do?

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    Skink on a Stegadon . . .auto 2+ save and if its so open see if you can get them to agree on a Skink Lord Character like really upgraded stat line with 100 pts of magic items allowed

    Otherwise its a very good list try using skink shortbows they're very fun with an actually usable range that allows ur skinks to compete with goblins . .. I think the cloak of feathers is a bit much you don't have to be that fast . . .and spending half ur army on heroes might be a overdoing it a little . .
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