[2250] Host of Adohi-Tegha - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2250] Host of Adohi-Tegha

    2250 Point Lizardmen Host of Adohi-Tegha, Magic Heavy
    Opponent will be Woodelves

    Advice is humbly welcomed :C

    Adohi-Tegha, Slann of the second spawning. 5+ ward save on unit, one extra spell, save two unused casting or dispel dice to be added to the dice pool of the next turn, battle standard bearer - cause fear

    Skink Priest, scout, level two, may make D3 rerolls throught the game, cause double wounds on a nominated character, bound item forcing a toughness test or lose a wound; the idea here is to use the item and my D3 rerolls to kill off an expensive elf charcter as they only have toughness 3.

    Skink Priest, scout, level two, +1 to scout deployment roll, dispel scroll.

    10 Skinks with javelins.
    10 Skinks with javelins.
    10 Skinks with blowpipes, scouts.
    10 Skinks with blowpipes, scouts
    20 Saurus, command group, hand weapons, +1 to armor save (total of +4 to shooting, +3 in combat), benefit from soft cover in acquatic terrain.
    20 Temple Guard, command group, missles fire at unit suffer -1 to hit, cause fear

    6 Chameleon Skinks; these will deploy behind enemy lines to marchblock from turn one - may not be legal
    4 Terradons; these will assasinate characters with the hit-and-run rule and will possibly marchblock or wipe out his flanking unit of fast cavalry.

    both spaces occupied by the second generation slann and by the saurus with two sacred spawnings

    Total Points: 2251

    Army Composition: 1 Lord, 3 Hero, 6 Core, 2 Special, 0 Rare

    Casting Dice: 10 / 12 with Diadem of Power, Slann gets free dice on all rolls, +1 to Slann rolls.
    Dispel Dice: 6, +1 to Dispel, 1 Dispel Scroll

    Have any advice? I think that I should drop some points somewhere to add another terradon to make the unit of unit strength five so that is destroys any fruity elves that decide to flee from my temple guard and through the unit of terradons; though at such a stage in the game the terradon unit may have taken casualties - and, no longer being at unit strength five - and so the 35 points for another terradon may be better used on a dispel scroll.

    thanks very much

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