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    new lizard list - first time, please comment

    301 Saurus Old One shld, lt armor, +1DD, D3 rerolls, 4+Scaly, Aura of Q, Burning Blade, Jaguar charm
    172 Saurus Vet lt armor, +1DD, 4+Scaly, Pirahna Blade, Enchanted Shield
    146 Skink Chief shld, lt armor, extra hand wpn, Scout, javelin, Sotek, Glyph necklace, Venom of the Frog
    100 Skink Priest lvl 1 Diadem of Power
    60c 10 Skinks
    60c 10 Skinks
    70c 10 Skink Scouts
    174s 3x Kroxigors
    174s 3x Kroxigors
    140s 4x Terradons
    300s 20 Saurus FC +1 Scaly Skin
    195r 3x Salamanders 9skinks
    325r 20 Saurus FC +1 DD, Scaly Skin
    I've got about 30 points left and would like to maybe squeeze another skink unit in there.
    Any suggestions? I've got 6-8 dispel dice for the monster power dice armies and may switch the Diadem out for 2 scolls if I don't like how it plays. There arent a lot of lizardmen players here, so I was wondering what things I might have trouble with. I had planned on using the scouting units & Terradons to take out war machines and early march block. Jaguar Old one is designed to run out and kill knights or regeneration monsters/units. I'll probably make the Saurus Vet my General, but had thought about making him a BSB if the skink chief underperforms. I'm hoping the units of Saurus perform better than advertised. I see them as faster Dwarves with 2 attacks. Dwarves are usually a tough nut to crack.

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    First off... use the 'enter' button a lot more please...
    Second... you can't post the point cost, unless that has changed as I've been away awhile...

    Oke for your list

    Saurus will preform nicely, don't forget the 3d6 ld test rule for that will keep them standing alot more than their ld suggest.
    I don't often make them rare units though as I think that an extra unit of salamanders is great have around or else a stegadon

    I don't really know what you are planning with the skink hero but the few times I used him he preformed worse then I hoped.

    If you do use the scar-vet as a BSB then keep in mind that the oldblood will become the general. And that the BSB is limited to the items he can carry.

    You can play a bit with the setup of the Oldblood, if you give him a great weapen (and no magic weapon) he can 'one-shot' chariots as he will have S7 I also use the Blade of Striking so he'll hit on a 2+ (against WS4 and lower of course) and with S5 wound on a 2+ (on T3 and lower) too hehe
    You will get cursed with bad rolls eventually and he'll be in combat with a unit for 3+ rounds but thats just bad luck... If you target small enough units he'll smash through them in the same round.

    The diadem of power can be a great item, don't forget to store those dice though. As for the your use, both ways can work. Depends a bit on how you roll most of the time.

    Terradons are very fragile, as the don't have much armour. So try not to get them shot on the first turn. I usually take 5 because if they shoot one down, the unit doesn't have to take a panic test as it's only 20% of the unit... With 4 or less though you do have to take the test and their Ld isn't that great as they will be far away from the general half the time.

    Kroxigor for me rarely work with only 3 in a unit (I use 4). They can't stand up to a normal rank-n-file unit as they will lose combat with the static CR. As I'm mostly the one with the fewer units flank charges become hard to make.
    It kinda depends on how you play and what you play, try it out and see for yourself.

    Ow and for the skinks, take 13 as a minimum so that you can get 1 more casulty (witch you will get) on your first hit, before you'll get a panic test. The 3d6 rule seems nice but with Ld 5 it's still hard, believe me...
    <12 the enemy has to kill 3 or more to get to the 25% or more kills for the panic test.
    13-16 four(4) kills are needed to get above 25%

    Oke hope this helps... It is a bit longer than I wanted it to be but hey if it helps

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