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    2000pts, friendly+slann

    hey everyone, was digging through my stuff the other day and managed to scrap together enough models for 2000pts for a possible game this coming weekend, im putting the slann in the unit of 14 saurus and i also have 2 small saurus detachments for a bit of support, let me know what you think

    slann mage-priest-385
    battle standard bearer, diadem of power

    saurus scar-vet-111
    great weapon, light armour
    charm of the jaguar warrior

    saurus warriors*19-245
    standard bearer, musician

    saurus warriors*10-120
    saurus warriors*10-120

    skink skirmishers*12-72
    skink skirmishers*12-72

    skink skirmishers*10-70

    saurus warriors*14-226
    spears, spawning of tepok, musician


    saurus calvary*6-265
    standard bearer, war banner, musician


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    Well, first off it'd would be nice if you put the weapon choice for your skinks and which generation your slann will be. Also, don't be afraid to really go crazy with your slann's magic items. The fourteen saurus should be temple guard in order to protect the slann from breaking thanks to their stubborn rule; you could just say they are temple guard if you don't have the actual models.

    I think your saurus warriors, including your scar veteran, should all have the spawning of Quetzl, plus one with the spawning of Tepok to bolster your magic defense. The two small units of saurus won't really hold anyone up; combine them into one unit in order to have two big blocks of saurus besides the Slann block. Another possibility is to scrap them to pay for the TG upgrade plus more models, slann magic items, a skink priest with some dispel scrolls, or to bump the other SW unit to 20 with a champion.

    I dislike giving cavalry a standard without character support because I'm afraid they will get stuck in and lose the second round of combat giving my opponent 100vp for cheap. Typically people bump kroxigors up to four so they will still be able to strike back hard if they lose a model, but I've never tried three myself, so it could work.

    Hope I helped,

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