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Thread: 3k Lizard List

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    3k Lizard List

    This list is designed against a dwarf's army

    3k points Lizardmen vs. Dwarves


    Gnarl-Krock (Oldblood) (145)

    Light Armor + Shield (16)

    Charm of the Jaguar Warrior (25)

    Scimatar of the Sun Resplendant(50)[236] Heros

    Tipi'liki (Skink Priest)(65)

    Level 2 wizard (35)

    Engine of the Gods (290)

    Plaque of Tepok (15) +1 spell [405]
    Larkoo (Skink Chieftian)(55)

    Stegadon War-spear(50)

    Stegadon (235)[340]


    Tel'Oror Block (Saurus x 20)(220)

    Full Command (30) [250]

    Hurii'Tor Block (Saurus x 20)(220)

    Full Command (30) [250]

    Tiki'Oru Block (Skins x 2(140)

    Full Command (22)

    Kroxigor Kin x 3 (165) [327]


    Qua'Huan Block (Temple Guard x 20)(320)

    Full Command (35)[355]

    Ximni-Gor (Terradons x 5)(150)

    Brave (10) [160]

    Xa'Xili (Terradons x 5)(150)

    Brave (10) [160]

    Itza-Qua (Cold One's x (280)

    Full Command (50)

    Sun Standard of Chotec (40)[370]

    Dev-ra Pack (Razordons x 2)[150]


    Eternity Guard (SM) W-15/L-5/D-3
    Lizardmen w16/ L1/ d2 :On hiatus since new rules... =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emysk View Post
    Light Armor + Shield
    Charm of the Jaguar Warrior
    Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent
    You don't have enough of a magic phase to get the charm off. I would drop it, and get a ward save. Also I would probably stick him on a mount so he can get into combat quicker. A carnosaur would make for a truly impressive combat master.

    Skink Priest
    Level 2 wizard
    Engine of the Gods
    Plaque of Tepok

    Skink Chieftain

    Stegadon War-spear
    You want an ancient stegadon here as you are getting the extra impact hits, and you want as many wounds as possible. Against dwarves, an ancient will wound on 2's whereas a regular stegadon will wound on 3's

    Saurus x 20
    Full Command

    Saurus x 20
    Full Command

    Skinks x 20
    Full Command
    Kroxigor Kin x 3
    If the krox are going in the unit, you are short 4 skinks. You need 24 if you want 3 in the unit.

    Temple Guard x 20
    Full Command
    You don't have a slann, so I don't think these guys are worth it. They lose too much without the slann.

    Terradons x 5
    Drop the brave.

    Terradons x 5
    Same as above.

    Cold One's x 8
    Full Command
    Sun Standard of Chotec
    I would drop them down to a unit of 6.

    Razordons x 2
    If taking these guys, you want a unit of 3 to get enough shots to be worth it. But I would switch them for salamanders to play dwarves. Shooting against block troops with the -3 to armour saves would make the salamanders more beneficial.
    Your original post is really hard to read, and you should edit it to remove the point costs as it isn't allowed to post them
    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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