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    Need help with 2250 pts, Tournament


    There is going to be a tournament in my local club, and it's some time since i played my Lizardmen, so I need some help building an army. I know there's gonna be power gamers, and i've never played against one before.

    This is the rules for the tournament:

    - * Infantry are units that are not skirmishers, can't shoot an uses 20, 25 or 40 mm bases.

    - Max 3 identical core choices which is not infantry*.
    - Max 2 hero choices.
    - Max 2 identical special choices which is not infantry*.
    - No of the same rare choices.
    - Max 10 PD per turn.
    - Max 6 DD per turn (First scroll counts as 1 DD, after that scrolls counts as 2 DD.
    - No special characters.
    - Max 3 stegadons
    - Max 1 engine of the gods.

    I was thinking of making my list like this:

    Saurus oldblod: Carnosaur, scimitar of the sun, enchanted shield, glyph necklace = 460 pts

    Skink chief: Ancient stegadon, light armour, shield, battle standart, stegadon war-spear = 409 pts

    Skink priest: Lvl 2, diadem of power, scroll, engine of the gods = 440 pts

    20 x saurus: Full command = 250 pts

    20 x saurus: Full command = 250 pts

    10 skinks = 50 pts

    10 skinks = 50 pts

    11 skink skirmishers: Javelin and shield = 88 pts

    3 terradon riders = 90 pts

    2 razordons = 150 pts

    Total = 2247

    I was thinking something like the 2 x 20 saurus would go as a block in the middel, the skink skirmishers as a shield in front of them, engine between the 2 blocks to support them, the 2 skink units on each flank, the oldblod on one flank and the chief and on the other flank, and the the razordon where they do most damage.


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    Looks like a fine list. I would probably try to get a third razordon if you want to use them to there greatest benefit. Dropping the skirmisher to 10 with blow pipes, and dropping some saurus command and a couple models would get you there.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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