Which of these lists would be the best to kick of a mighty empires campaign with. There is also some entirely water tiles and I have a boat for my army to go on boat as skinks, kroxigors and salamanders are aquatic they can go in the water.

This is mostly magic as I believe it could destroy most units by just out manouvering and shooting.
It is also enirely aquatic so I could easliy avoid close combat by just not boarding thier ship and staying in a skirmishing formation in the water and simply shooting and magic on. This means that with 5 dd and being skirmishers in soft cover they will be hard to kill from a distance.
The only thing is that salamanders are the only thing good at fighting and they are expensive for that.

Skink priest level 2 bane head
skink priest level 2
skink priest level 2

3x 10 skink skirmishers

3 salamanders + extra handeler

This is just a balance list with some of everything. It could competer better than the other list on normal battle fields because of that.

Scar veteran. Charm of the jaguar warrior, great weapon, light armour, shield

skink priest level 2

2x 10 skink skirmishers
15 saurus warriors with spears full command
5 saurus warriors musician

What do you thin?. Which army list? Should I alter anything?