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    1000pts friendly Liz based on battalion

    First of all, hey everyone I'm new here.. Just started playing warhammer and bought the lizardmen battalion (and army book offcourse ) And I'm now trying to make an army out of the battalion and only want to buy extra heroes.. This is what I came up with:

    Scar Veteran - 121
    - great weapon
    - light armor
    - charm of the jaguar

    skink priest - 140
    - lvl 2 wizard
    - rod of storms
    - plaque of tepok

    18 saurus warriors -246
    - spears
    - full command

    10 skink skirmishers - 70

    10 tempel gaurd - 210
    - Huanci's blessed Totem
    - full command

    5 cold one riders - 250
    - Huanci's blessed Totem
    - full command

    total = 1047

    It's to much I know, but I just don't know what I can leave in this list. I just have a feeling it will have something to do with the full commands.
    Beside that I know that TG are pretty expensive without a slann, but then again thats the down side of basing a army on the battalion box.
    The idea of the charm of the jaguar is to fly the veteran to where ever his fighting skill is needed.

    Greetings Ichey

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    First deal: Welcome to LO and WFB.

    Problem number one is that you cannot use the same magic item twice in an army, no matter how handy it is. I would recommend leaving it on the Cold One Riders.

    I would say that TG are not REALLY necessary at this level but they make a pretty nice defence for your mage to sit in.

    You were right about the losing commands, the Cold One Riders would be where I would start, they dont really need a champion and musician.

    Very good work on the whole though.

    Good luck
    Current painting project: 2300 pts of Dwarfs in 5 weeks.

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