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Thread: 1000 point list

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    1000 point list

    I picked up a battle box of lizards, so that's all I have to work with for now.. there's a 1k tourney coming up, and I was wondering if anyone can come up with a viable list for that amount (The tourney is in January, so there's no super rush on it)
    What I came up with is... (keeping in mind its a big Skaven area)

    Hero 92
    Skink Chief 92
    -light armour
    -dagger of sotec

    Core 400
    18 Saurus Warriors 240

    10 Skink Skirmishers 70

    2 Jungle Swarms 90

    Special 508
    8 Cold One Cavalry 320
    -standard bearer

    10 Temple Guard 188
    -standard bearer

    I'm basically going to scratch build the swarms.
    IF there are some really good lists for Battle Box Lizzies, please post em, along with some tactica that might be useful for said lists, or even for the one I posted (tweaks also)

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    Even though the box comes with "temple guard" models, they are hardly ever used without a Slann. Reason is because with a slann they are immune to psych, etc. For the purposes of your list, I would just consider them as regular saurus warriors. Spears is a good choice, obviously, and even more so if you are expecting a lot of S3 or S4 attacks (skaven heavy, you said) and you feel you can get away with one less armor save (no parry bonus).

    At this point level, I would scrap the swarms and make the cold one cav unit only 5 models strong. Also, scrap the skink hero and try and kit out a saurus scar vet on cold one as your general (he could go in the unit of cavalry or saurus block). You may need a scroll caddy too. I've used a 1000 pt list roughly like the following (PS I forget how many skinks come in the box so you may need to switch this up a little).

    Scar Vet on Cold One, LA, Maiming Shield, Sword of Battle (1+ armor save w/ 6 S5 attacks!, fear causing!) - 160 pts

    Skink Priest, dispel scroll - 90 pts

    Saurus (1, spears, champ* - 228 pts

    Saurus (1, spears - 216 pts

    Cold One Cav (5), champ* - 175

    Skinks (12) - 60

    Skink Skirmishers (10) - 70

    Total - 999 pts. If you want to run your hero in the cold one cav, you should drop the champ in the saurus block and two regular skinks and upgrade to the champ in the cavalry unit. The champ is just there to protect your hero from bad matchups during challenges.

    Hope this helps.

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    I like the knights list if you can pass off the temple guard as saurus warriors. If not, you will be stuck with them, but I agree that making a vet mounted on a cold one will always be useful. And a priest will also always be used.

    Welcome to the jungle,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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