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    2250 Lizardmen. Competetively Friendly ;P


    First time poster and just beggining Lizardmen, though I am one for skipping the 1000/ 1500 phases and going up to the bigger games. Although not my first army I'm finding Lizardmen to be noticeably.. different in nearly everyway to the dwarfs I am accustomed to. Just thought i'd run my army list by anyone kind enough to respond.. Hope my first attempt isn't too awful. =D

    Lord Choice

    1 Slann Mage-Priest
    -The Focused Ruination
    -Focus Of Mystery
    -Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
    -Battle Standard

    Hero Choices

    1 Skink Priest
    -Level 2 Upgrade
    -Engine of the Gods
    -Dispell Scroll

    1 Skink Priest

    -Level 2 Upgrade
    -Cloak of Feathers

    1 Saurus Scar Veteran
    -Cold One
    -Light armour
    -Burning Blade of Chotec

    Core Choices

    10 Skink Skirmishers

    10 Skink Skirmishers

    18 Saurus Warriors
    -Standard Bearer

    18 Saurus Warriors
    -Standard Bearer

    Special Choices

    12 Temple Guard
    -Standard Bearer
    -Saurus Scar Veteran in this unit

    3 Terradon Riders

    1 Stegadon

    Total point cost - 2248
    Models on the board - 75 + 2 Stegadons
    Power Dice Generated - 11
    Dispell Dice Generated - 7 (+ 1 Scroll)

    The general idea behind this army is to barrage the world with Magics and Stegadon-goodness. Using the Terradons to bomb war machines and stragglers, the Skinks as the poisonous, skirmishing meatshields the old ones clearly designed them to be and to generally play half competitvely with the members of my local Games Workshop. I personally think it is fair and beatable, but a nice force.

    Personal preferences would be Metal/ Beasts for the Slann. Metal is obviously just lovely for killing high amoured things and eating away at battle standards and the like, but I really like beasts for the magical bolt thrower that can appear through my flying skink that just happens to be sat on the flank side of a unit of cavalry ^^... Though I am a newbie with magic so any advice on preffered lores would also be very welcome.

    Any changes/ opinions would be warmly welcomed


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    Thats a pretty solid list to be beginning with well done.
    Also, welcome to LO.
    I have a couple of suggestion that may get you more from your army. I'd drop the flying skink priest. Instead, i'd re-arrange the scar veteran to be on foot with charm of the jaguar warrior and a great weapon. With the points this saves, i'd bump up the temple guard to at least 15. I'd laos try to get becalming cogitation on the slann, its incredibly useful.
    Personal preference would see me drop the stegadon and a unit of skinks for two units of 2 salamanders. These guys are just awesome as their flames burn through armour and cause lots of panic tests.
    Beasts and metal are solid choices for your magic.

    Anyway, good luck with lizardmen and lets us know how you get on.

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    I would drop all the unit standards and the temple guard musicians. I don't really like the cloak of feathers much either. Get a couple more temple guard, and an enchanted shield for the vet.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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