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    Competative list +friendly list using roughly the same models.

    I've just come back from a tournement at Warhammer World(UK) (finished top 5 yay) and saw a delicious double eotg steg list which had been painted awesomely. Anyway, some of the guys from my store played it and got trounced (he cast 6 comets and was playing wood elves ) so you can imagine they are now quite hostile to this type of list. What I'm aiming to do is to create a competative tournement list and a friendly list to play at the club. I want to use roughly the same models. This is my first lizardmen list so bear with me if i've missed any odvious choices/chosen awful ones. Here they are.


    Sarus Oldblood,charm of the jaguar warrior, hide of the cold ones, shield, great weapon=238
    Skink priest, lv 2, engine of the gods, disel scroll x2=440
    skink priest, lv 2, dispel scroll x1, storm staff=150
    19 skink skirmishers,brave=140
    3 terradons,brave=100
    skink chief,light armour,enchanted shield,bsb,terradon,blowpipe=135
    ancient stegadon=275
    10 skink skirmishers=70
    24 skinks, 3 kroxigors,command=299
    10 skink skirmishers=70

    Trying to be competative.

    Skink priest, lv 2, engine of the gods, =390
    Skink priest, lv 2, engine of the gods, disel scroll x2=440
    Skink priest, lv 2, engine of the gods,plauge of tepok=405
    3 razordons,extra handlers=240
    3 terradons,brave=100
    10 skink skirmishers=70
    10 skink skirmishers=70
    10 skink skirmishers=70
    10 skink skirmishers=70
    10 skink skirmishers=70

    I was thinking that the terradons could kill warmachines/march block/redirect and the skinks would flee from the charge before the other units shoot at the charger and then repeat, stalling the opponent and the stegs do what they do best and run into units and break them.Is this the right idea for a competative lizardmen list or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    edit: thanks sirkently, I did everything you suggested.

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    First off, welcome to the jungle, we have fun and games. Now on to the lists.

    Friendly list: To start with you don't have enough core units. You must have at least three. That is easily remedied by splitting up the skinks, which I will get to in a second. Any characters are only allowed 1 magic item from each category. The oldblood has 3 enchanted items, so 2 will have to go. And two engines is really not the friendliest list you can make, I would save that for the competitive list. As a general rule, braves in any unit aren't worth it. I also notice that your points are a little off, for instance the first engine is 440 pts, not 430, so you may want to double check your math here.

    For a friendly list, I would drop one engine, change the first unit of skinks to ranked skinks and add 3 kroxigors (need 24 for that). Split the second group into two units of 10. Mount the chief on the ancient stegadon you have. Add in some cold one riders, or some warriors. It would be a more rounded list.

    Competitive list: Yes three engines would be very competive. But again, your points seem to be off by ten for each. Drop the braves. Change the single razordon to a salamander. I think the list will have problems. You are basically relying on the stegs to do everything. But at least you have lots of dispel dice.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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