My first Lizards list in this edition! Needs some (a lot) of tweaking to get it up to competitive standard. Thanks in advance!

Slann-- lore of life, focus of mystery, focused rumination, becalming cogitation, cupped hands of the old ones-- 420

Scar veteran-- BSB, sun standard of chotec, GW, light armor, shield-- 164

29 Saurus-- hw and shield, full command-- 349 (joined by BSB )

25 Saurus-- hw and shield, full command-- 305

20 Skinks-- full command-- 122

20 Skinks-- full command-- 122

20 Temple Guard-- full command, iron curse icon, razor standard-- 405

8 Cold One Calvary-- full command, banner of swiftness-- 345

Total: 2232

The skinks are there to road bump on my saurus's flanks. The center will be the TG flanked by either saurus unit, hoping the combined efforts of lore of life and my sun standard will help reduce shooting losses but i am still pretty concerned about war machines... i had wanted a nice harassing unit like chameleons or terradons but haven't played with either yet.. not sure how i feel about them.

Really wanted to fit salamanders in this list but i felt more confident with numbers on my side/ the skink screen instead of the 2 salamanders or so.

I took a block of CoC with a movement boost to try and help them get into range faster, was kind of hoping they could flank charge and/or war machine hunt.

Comments and criticism greatly appreciated!!!