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    1500 Lizards; Fun and unusual

    1 Saurus Oldblood @ 241.0 Pts
    General; Shield
    Hide of the Cold Ones
    Sword of Strife

    19 Temple Guard @ 343.0 Pts
    Halberd; Light Armour; Shield; Standard
    War Banner

    30 Saurus Warriors @ 378.0 Pts
    Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician

    2 Razordon Hunting Packs @ 150.0 Pts

    6 Skink Handlers

    5 Chameleon Skinks @ 60.0 Pts

    6 Kroxigors @ 330.0 Pts
    Great Weapon

    Models in Army: 69

    Total Army Cost: 1502.0

    So, this is my attempt at something different.

    The main line will be held by my oldblood and his templars.
    The oldblood is stupid, but since the TG have a BSB he gets to reroll LD tests, and with coldblood on top of that, I feel relatively safe.
    Sided by a 30strong saurus unit, backed up by nothing short of awesomeness, my 6kroxigors.
    These guys do massive damage if they get in to combat, 18 S6 attacks, with stomp! A really good hammer to back up my rather extensive anvil.
    I think its a solid line for 1500 pts.
    The skinks will scout and try and pick of lone characters and war machines while the razordon will assist one of the flanks.

    I lack a great deal of mobility in this army, but I make up for it with pure force.
    Im a bit worried about covering the flanks with so few units, and im not sure how well I would fair against a shooty list.

    Im considering switching the Razordons for salamanders, I heard they are much better.
    But stand and shoot gives these guys 2 artillery dice instead of 1, giving a potential of 40 attacks when they are charged, making the enemy think twice before trying to send a small flanking force their way.
    I feel they work better for holding a flank than the Salamanders, I might be wrong thought, I have not really play tested this yet.


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    It's not bad. If they enemy has magic you'll be torn to shreds. Hopefully Cham skinks can take care of that. Unfortunately though, you don't have a BSB. Your TG just have a magic banner, so no re-rolls on tests. A Scar Vet or Skink Chief can be a BSB, not a normal "standard bearer" from a unit. I've never used Razordons, I actually prefer the Salamders. The rules for template weapons is so much better now in my opinion. But hey, it's worth a try! Just keep in mind, you do NOT have a BSB.

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    I think that is a lot to pay for the temple guard over just another unit of warriors. I don't think the +1 strength is worth it. I would also drop the spears on the warriors as hand weapon/shield is better in this edition I believe.

    I would also rather have a ward save on the general. Along with a vet to be the BSB.

    And I too prefer salamanders. If you are going to run razordons, they really need to be in units of 3 to mitigate the fact that a misfire roll on a charge reaction eliminates both dice.

    Have fun,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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