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    2500pt Lizardmen Wall, NO SLAAN!

    Just working some different lists with the lizards, thinking of running this one later this week. What's everyone think?

    Lord: 245
    Old Blood—sword of strife, armor of destiny, potion of speed, charmed shield—245 (1+/4+ ignores first hit on 2+, and can deal 7 str 5 attacks at init 7 if he has too; joins temple guard to add killiness)

    Heroes: 566
    Scar Vet—BSB, sun standard, great weapon, light armor—161 (BSB, help against range and adds a few high str attacks into combat; goes with saurus block 1)

    Scar Vet—gold sigil sword, potion of strength, enchanted shield, seed of rebirth, light armor—140 (2+ AS w/ 6+ regen, 4 init 10 attacks, possibly at str 8 if needed in a challenge or important combat; travels with saurus block 2)

    Skink Priest—lv2, cube of darkness—140 (hang out near skinks)

    Skink Priest—Lv2, dispel scroll—125 (see above, these two are mainly defensive)

    Core: 748
    24 Saurus—hw and shield, f/c—294

    24 Saurus—hw and shield, f/c—294

    10 Skink Skirmishers—blowpipes—80

    10 skink skirmishers—blowpipes—80

    Special: 664
    5 Chameleons—60

    19 Temple Guard—f/c, jaguar standard, guardian w/ iron curse icon—369

    1 Stegadon—235

    1 Ancient Stegadon—275

    Total: 2498

    Pretty much one character for every unit, the BSB goes in the center of my line to try to obscure shooting, the TG with lord go on one side, the Saurus with killy scar vet go on other side of the line. The two skirmisher units will be used to block my flanks/ annoy enemies. The Chameleons, as always, are there for harassment and possibly warmachine hunting. I really like stegs, so I took one of each: the regular one for its one big shot and the ancient one for its massive amount of weak shots.


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    I would rather protect the BSB with a ward save. If you want that banner, give it to the temple guard. Not a fan of stegadons now, but if you want two, make them both baby stegs. The bolt thrower is good for warmachine hunting as well.

    You don't need two level 2 priests. I would save some points and make one of them a level 1.

    Any extra points should be used to make your warrior units bigger.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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