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    Lizardmen 2000 pts mostly friendly

    Hey everyone,

    After a few recent battles with some friends who play empire I have decided to try out a new list. I'll add comments as to why I chose some units as the list progresses..


    -Lore of life, Focus Rumination+Mystery, BSB, Cupped hands of Old Ones

    (Lore of Life works amazingly. Though lack of hard offensive magic (*not including Dwellers-damn I love that spell) it does great for buffs and REGROWTH, very useful. Though I have yet to call upon the cupped hands..everyone agrees its a necessary burden. He joins unit of 16 temple guard, listed below)


    Scar vet- light armour+shield, sword of strength (+1 str)

    Scar vet- light armour+shield, sword of strength (+1 str)

    (both vets join units of 24 saurus, one with hand weapons, other with spears. listed below)


    24 Saurus-hand weapons, standard bearer

    24 Saurus- spears, standard bearer

    *Each unit has 1 Scar vet in them as listed above


    16 Temple Guard-revered guardian, standard

    Stegadon with Giant Bow

    (I used to run EOTG, will explain below my decision to change)


    4 Salamanders (debating whether to put extra handlers on them. 2 sallies on one side, 2 on other)

    Ok so, my reasoning for the choices I made (please criticize/ask about anything I say/have chosen, I am very much open to suggestions and criticism!)

    First off, the biggest change to my army was the switch from the Ancient Steg and Priest with EOTG to the normal steg with the giant bow. In my last game my 390 point EOTG steg was taken out by a cannon the first turn. 390 pts, down the drain, and I didn't even get a chance to move it >. Although this made me very aggravated (to say the least) I learned that putting that many points into such an easy and prime choice target for war machines was foolish. And so, I dropped it down to 235 points and took the giant bow steg. This unit I plan to use as a long distance shooter to take down any war machines if I can or harass enemy monsters. He will also be used as a support unit for flanking.

    Second change. I took out my unit of 10 skinks I ran. Now oddly enough, these little frogs did amazingly my last game. Holding up a unit of FIFTEEN empire knights for the ENTIRE GAME. don't ask me how it happened, I am still mystified to this day. However, I did not get one shot off from them and they didn't kill anything, but they did great in holding up my left flank, which truly turned the tide of the battle in my favor.

    My logic in taking out the skinks lead me to my third change, adding 2 more sallys. I ran 2 sallys on my right flank my last game and they DECIMATED 2 entire units of swordsman and halberdiers. They never even got near my sallys, my shooting just kept pummeling them back. Needless to say, it was a joy to watch.

    So I figured, why not replace my small unit of skinks on my left side with 2 MORE sallys? Since they are ungodly now due to the no partial in 8th, they have the potential to do massive damage, and can hold their own in close combat against reasonable odds. In dropping the engine I saved a LOT of points, and I used those points by taking more sallys instead of the 10 skinks (and another scar vet). This way, I can get all the bonus of tying up enemy flankers, PLUS the mayhem the sallys can cause in damage.

    I've had many people tell me to make such a switch. What do you guys think about that?

    My last change is the addition of another Scar Vet to my other block of saurus. In my last game the unit of spears with the vet in it really held their own. And though the other unit pulled it off too, they were much more worrisome at times. I figured another vet couldn't hurt to add to the other unit. I mean when the configuration I use with them only costs 113 points, why the heck not, right?

    All thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticism, and plain old chit chat is very welcome!


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    It looks pretty solid in my opinion. The only problem is you can't have 2 swords of might. Even though they are "common" you can only have 1 per army. It states it in the BRB under the common magic item.section (i don't have mine in front of me to quote). Other than that I think its pretty solid, wouldn't change much myself.

    Actually, I would try to get that TG unit to 20 strong, but that's me.

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    Well your list looks pretty solid to me! for the lore on your slann, if you feel for an experiment you could try out the lore of light, great buff and some nasty hex spells in there!

    As stated above you can only have the sword of might once per army. so give him the sword of bloodshed or something alike instead (+2A on a scar vet!!)

    about the steg. Yeah if they get hit the first turn, it sucks, at the other hand you can use the lore of life attribute to regain wounds and more wounds, so that should get the eotg back up to speed if it didnt get crushed by the cannons. To change it for a normal steg is, in my oppinion, a good thing! Als the points freed up arent wasted when you put those in the sally's! ow and dont forget horses and stuff are afraid of flamable attacks! I would try to get the extra handlers, you can burn up up to 3 handlers per misfire!!

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