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    2000 pt. Magic hammer list

    Slann Mage Priest - 470 pts
    Diciplines: Focused Rumination, soul of stone, unfathomable Presence
    Items: Divine Plaque of Protection, Plaque of Tepok, and Cupped hands of the Old ones OR two dispel scrolls *(need help deciding!)

    Heroes: - 497 pts.
    Tetto'eko - 255 pts

    Skink Priest - 150 pts
    level 2
    Items: 2 dispel scrolls

    Skink Chief - 92 pts
    Items: light armor, Staff of the Lost Sun

    Core: - 318 pts
    10 Skink Skirmishers - 76 pts x3

    12 skink Skirmishers - 90 pts

    Special: - 252 pts
    10 Chameleon Skinks - 126 pts x2

    Rare: - 460 pts.
    3 Salamander Hunting Pack - 230 pts x2
    1 additional skink

    TOTAL: 1997

    I used to play Warhammer a few years back and I had a magic hammer list from the old book and went undefeated with it. Recently got back into the game and bought the new Lizardmen book and made a list replicating my last edition list. After going through the army book and 8th edition rulebook it seems magic get nerfed majorly so I was wanting advice if this type of build is still good.

    Slann takes lore of heavens and because of tetto'eko all passed spells get irresistable force which allows for huge hits on stronger units. Since you miscast from irresistable force, soul of stone allows for re-rolls in hopes of a better result. Skinks go for war machines, bolt throwers and other weak units while magic and salamanders break away at the stronger units. Any and all advice welcomed! =)

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    I never play skink heavy lists so I can't help with that but with magic you should know a couple things.

    First is that the miscast table has gotten really harsh, meaning if your Slann is consistently miscasting he will be taking alot of damage from himself. Check the miscast table so you understand how brutal it can be. In short their is not often a better result to re-roll for.

    Second is that you should check out some other lores for the Slann, I say this because in fact the spells have gotten way scarier in 8th edition for many lores. For example Life allows you to give units regeneration, save yourself from miscasts (Throne of Vines) and much much more. If heavens is still your thing however than don't worry about the Lore.

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    One important thing to note is that each magic item can only be taken once in any list. This even applies to dispel scrolls now. Also, each character can only have one item from each category, so no plaque of tepok and cupped hands on the slann.

    Also, our special characters aren't really that special. I would go without them. If you are set on using tettoeko, then heavens is the lore for the slann to take advantage of his special rules.

    Lastly, you don't have enough core to be legal. A 2k list requires at least 500 points used to buy core units. So you will have to adjust some things.

    Welcome back,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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