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    2500pts Campaign Army - First Attempt at Lizzies

    I am going to do a lizardman army for an upcoming fantasy campagin (starts in feb), i haven't bought any thing yet so am wildly open to any ideas for the army. I basically want to get into combat as quickly as possible and just slaughter units so my army list atm (from first glance) is this:

    Slann Mage Priest - 275

    Scar Veteran - 93
    Light Armor + shield

    Skink Priest - 100


    Saurus Warriors - 250
    20models, Full command

    Saurus Warriors - 250
    20models, full command

    Skinks - 220
    40models, full command (horde rule)

    Skink Skirmishers - 76
    10models, 1 brave

    Terradon Riders - 160
    5normal, 1 champion

    Temple Guard - 355
    20 temple guard, full command

    Ancient Steg - 275
    Ancient Steg- 275

    Currently 2329pts, which leaves 171pts left for magic (basically 151 cse of the 25% rule). So wanted ideas and thoughts on how to improve/what is truly useless. Not played fantasy before so bit ropey on rules atm.

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    You have covered a lot of bases with this list. Your characters are fine, of course without knowledge of their items.

    I would want the warrior units to be a bit bigger. I tend to think 24 is the minimum size to be useful.

    Skinks die to quickly in combat. Good as a harrier unit, but 10 per is fine. If you want to run a unit that big, get some kroxigors, though I don't like the mixed unit much.

    No need for champ upgrades in either the skink or terradon units.

    Large monsters are not a great unit in this edition. With all the warmachines around and no place to hide, they are just targets. Even in combat, there are so many great weapon wielding units now, they won't survive long. And salamanders are the bomb now for our rare choices. Two units of 3 and you will still have points to spare.

    Welcome to the jungle and good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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