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    3000pt Campaign Army


    Slann Mage Priest - 385
    Focused Rumination, Becalming Cognition, Cupped Hands of The Old One, Plaque of Tepok (Lore of Light)

    Saurus OldBlood - 246
    Blade of Revered Tzunai, Light Armor and Shield, Carnosaur Pendent


    Saurus Scar Veteran - 133
    Sword of the Hornet, Bane Head, Light Armor and Shield

    Skink Chief - 80

    Skink Priest - 115
    Diadem of Power and Itxi Grubs (lore of Heavens)


    Saurus Warriors - 283
    23models, full command, sword and shield

    Saurus Warriors - 283
    23models, full command, sword and shield

    Saurus Warriors - 318
    24models, Full command, Spears and Shields

    Skink Skirmishers - 70
    10 skinks

    Skink Skirmishers - 70
    10 Skinks


    Cold One Calvery - 225
    5models with full command

    Temple Guard - 355
    20models, full command

    Chameleon Skinks - 72


    Salmander Hunting Pack - 160
    2 salamanders with 4 handlers each

    Salamander Hunting Pack - 160
    2 salamanders with 4 handlers each

    First real attempt at a list with magic powers stated. Idea is that Slann goes with temple guard in the middle, with the two groups of sword and shield warriors with a oldblood and vet to support...each of the hunting packs on the flanks with skirmishers and calvary running interference while the models get up there. May chuck the spears and shields in between skirmishers and temple guard as a charge taker. Chameleon Skinks are just there for some shooting at war machines early to minimise impact.

    Open to complete consideration on this army as gonna be up against the following armies:
    - Orcs and Goblins
    - High Elves
    - Vampires
    - Dark Elves
    - Skaven

    Possibly another lizzie army

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    First off each of your mages has two arcane items. You are only allowed one of each class of item per character.

    Give your BSB some kind of ward save as you really want to keep him alive. I would actually just drop this model, and give the BSB to the slann.

    I would cut down to two larger units of warriors.

    The banehead really needs to go on something a little more mobile than a scar-vet. You either need to mount him on a cold one, or drop the banehead.

    Champs aren't really needed in units that won't have a character in them.

    I am not a fan of the blade of revered tzunki. Sort of redundant to get a +1 strength, and then no armour save. Just give him a great weapon, which will have basically the same affect and save you some points. You also want to give your characters some kind of ward save to make them more survivable.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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    First thing i noticed when looking at this list is that there are no stegadons.... I would honestly recomend that you drop the cold one and your bsb and give the bsb to the slann as sir kently already mentioned and take at least on steg. These guys are total infantry killers i never play a game without one, I would also reccomend even dropping a unit of saurus for a secong steg and use leftover points to add to your units where neccesary. Thats my two cents hope it helps.

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