hi guys my mate has challenged me to a 2500 point battle so i posted it here for your oppinions.
comments and criticism welcome

focus of mystery
the focused rumination
the becalming cogitation
dispel scroll

Scar Vet
cold one
light armour
piranha blade

26 temple guard
full command
revered guardian has the ironcurse icon
banner of eternal flame

40 saurus warriors 10x4 horde
full command

24 skinks
3 kroxigors
full command

10 skink skirmishers

5 chameleon skinks

scar vet
cold one
sword of the hornet
light armour

3 terradon riders

3 salamanders

5 chameleon skinks

points 2489

i was thinking of putting slann and friends in the middle with the saurus in front of it or next to it.

the scar vets just run around

and once again comments and criticism welcome.