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    Competetive Lizardmen Army List 1000 points

    Hey guys and gals,

    I will start a lizardmen army and this is where I will start with a 1000 points list.

    I want to keep it as competetive as possible while still satisfying my wishes for a fluffy and fun army.

    C&C is greatly appreciated:

    Skink Priest - 100 points
    Wizard Level 2
    I'm never leaving home without a Wizard i my army. He's mostly there for magic defence, but a spell here ot there could decide the battle. He'll sit at the end of the Saurus Warrior unit and jump away from combat if I can.

    Scar-Veteran - 149 points
    Battle Standard Bearer, Additional hand weapon
    Armour of Fortune
    He'll join the Temple Guard and be a beast! A normal hero with 5 S5 attacks is BEAST! And still he has survivability with 3+/5++ saves

    X18 Saurus Warriors - 228 points
    Full Command
    They'll go in a 6x3 formation and do what they do best, keep the close combat phase in my favour.

    X10 Skink Skirmishers - 70 points
    They're there to screen the Temple Guard and/or the Saurus Warriors and cause general havoc everywhere.

    X10 Skink Skirmishers - 70 points
    Same as above.

    X20 Temple Guard - 332 points
    Full Command
    Skavepelt Banner
    Main unit (7x3 formation). With the Frenzy and everything, they're gonna blast anyone getting too close. One of the most killy units possible at this points level, so absolutely worth it.

    That is 997 points exactly.

    Tell me what you think.

    -The Centaurion

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    I think its illegal. Skavenpelt can only be taken on skinks. Other than that, doesn't look to bad. WoC will be tricky as they can stop TG in their tracks with some sheild + MoT goodness, but other than that and oddly enough maybe brets with lance formation, you shouldn't be to bad.

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