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    1000 pts - league

    Participating with an escalation league. We are currently at 1000 points. I could field an army consisting of all skinks; I could field an army of all Saurus warriors, because unfortunately, that is the only model types I have with the exception of a broken down steg.

    There are Wood Elf, Vampire Counts, Chaos Warriors, Dwarves, Skaven and other Lizardmen players.

    Here is my list.
    lord -- 250 pts
    Blade of Reverend Tzunki (+1S, no AS for opp)
    Maiming Shield (+1A, counts as magical)

    heroes -- 250 points
    Skink Chief
    War Drum of Xahutec (+1 Ld)
    enchanted shield
    light armor

    Skink Priest
    Diadem of Power(may carry over two unused power dice to use as dispel dice)
    ? for xx pts

    core -- 260 points
    one block of 22 Saurus Warriors including one musician and one standard bearer

    special -- 240 points
    four blocks of 5 x chameleon skinks each

    I believe I have the points correct. I don't know what to do with the xx points allotted to the priest. I found an error in my original list while I was copying it to this post. I had the priest equipped with a dispel scroll in addition to the diadem

    .What do you think?


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    There are a few things I would recommend changing.
    - First off, I think you are spending too many points on characters. An Oldblood is not cost effective in such a low point game, and even a BSB is a bit of a stretch. I would suggest dropping them and simply getting a Scar-Veteran genral instead; in addition you could also further augment you Skink Priest's dispelling capabilities.
    - Secondly, your troop distabution is a bit unbalanced. Having a large troop block as your center is good, but a few smaller enemy blocks could plow right through you chameleons and into your flank. I would recommend you have only two units of six chameleons, and with the points leftover get a small unit of ranked or skirmishing skinks to screen and redirect; also I would highly recommend a Saurus champion if you are placing your Scar-Veteran in that unit.
    - Third and lastly, with whatever points you have left and a little finagling you should definitely get a salamander. As I am sure you have heard, they are awesome.

    I understand you do not have a salamander model, but I am sure you can improvise something your opponents will allow. By the way, a level 1 Skink Priest with the Diadem of Powed is 90 points.

    I hope this helps, and good luck with your campanign!

    Cheers, camo-skink
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