Slann-Denies 6's, Extra dice, Loremaster (Haven't decided on lore, Life as a default)-375

Scar Vet-Cold One armor, extra hand weapon-139

BSB Scar Vet on Cold One-Armor of Destiny, Greatweapon-186

23 Temple Guards-music, standard, flamming banner-399

Slann and 2 Scar Vets go to the TG unit.

Skink Priest-Plaque of Tepok-80

Oldblood on Cold One-Biting Blade, Glittering scales, Crown of Command-245

38 Saurus Warriors-command, spears-486

Skink is Solo or maybe with the Skirmishers and Oldblood is with the Saurus Warriors for a stubborn horde of spears.

13 Skink Skirmishers-91

13 Skink Skirmishers-91

2 Salamanders-150

3 Terradons-90

3 Kroxigors-165

Total pts 2497

I've played against Lizardmen but my old 5th ed models haven't been played with since I tried to play with a carnasuar when it first came out.

Thanks for any advice!