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    4000 point army, All Skinks (and a Slaan)

    So, I made this list for fun, to see if I could create a large army that was reasonably competitive without the standard blocks of Saurus infantry, but also because I don't really care for the Saurus models. The heroes, the temple guard, and the basic infantry all look pretty mediocre at best in my opinion. I also really love the Skink models, and I LOVE DINOSAURS. So, with that in mind, here's what I came up with:

    There is a temple-city whose Slaan has died. Its spirit still lives within its preserved body, but after its passing, the city lost its ability to produce Saurus. But the Old Ones give gifts even as they take them away, and the Skinks of the city began to grow braver and stronger in the absence of their larger cousins. Chameleon Skinks were born with greater frequency, many Skinks became very skilled at handling the beasts of the jungle, and many Salamanders and Kroxigor were brought to the Temples. Some daring skinks even began to ride the Cold Ones, and though many perished, some have earned the respect and trust of these vicious raptors. Two particularly auspicious births occurred simultaneously: a skink chief who would live to tame a Carnosaur, and to find and wield the fabled Blade of Realities, and his brother, a great priest born with a set of brightly colored feathered wings. Soon after these two were born, there was a spawning of skinks born with membraneous wings like those of the Terradons, and in battle these winged ones fly with the Priest as his holy guard.

    So, basically I'll use the Kroak model for the Slaan, put a Skink Chief on or beside a Carnosaur, put Skinks on green-stuffed Dark Elf Cold Ones (I'd probably use these for the Salamanders too), put Dark Eldar Scourge or Tyranid Gargoyle wings on Skinks to make Terradons and the winged Priest, and though I like the GW models, I'd love to use this as a Kroxigor:


    Anyway, here is the list:

    Slaan Mage-Priest BSB with Focus of Mystery, Higher State of Consciousness, Unfathomable Presence, and The Focused Rumination with the Cupped Hands of the Old Ones - 520

    Old Blood on Carnosaur with Blade of Realities, Carnosaur Pendant, Light Armor and Shield - 466

    Skink Priest, Level 2, with Cloak of Feathers and Rod of the Storm - 150

    Skink Priest, Level 2 on Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods and Diadem of Power - 390
    Skink Chief on Ancient Stegadon with Stegadon Warspear - 380

    4x20 Skink Skirmishers - 560
    40 Skinks with Musician, Standard Bearer and 5 Kroxigors - 489

    10 Chameleon Skinks - 120
    7 Terradons - 210
    5 Cold One Riders with Full Command and Sun-Standard of Chotec - 265

    3 Salamanders - 225
    3 Salamanders - 225

    Total: 4000 points

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    Rather have becalming cogitation than unfathomable presence. And I have always thought that an oldblood having the blade of realities, and riding a carno was redundant.

    You have 3 monsters in the list. When I run a monster list, I go all out. I would try to jig it around to add in another stegadon or even 2.

    Have fun,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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