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Thread: 3000pt vs HE

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    3000pt vs HE

    Hey guys, im playing a 3000pt battle vs high elves, and although my list isnt nearly ready i want it to look a bit like this. (i know, i know, 2 slaan vs HE is a silly thing to do, seeing as i should capitalise on their weaknesses and not try to overpower their strengths. still, i want to field 2 slaan, to see if i can generate enough magical power to beat them at their own game.)

    2x 2nd gen Slaan

    2x 20 temple guard

    2x skink priest

    2x 3 kroxigor

    4x 12 skinks

    2x 12 skink scouts

    basically, i want to be able to hold their charges with the temple guard, and use the kroxigor where i need them. i know theyre fielding a dragon aswell, so i hope the kroxigor can deal with that too. not to mention 2 2nd gen slaan to mess **** up.

    what does everyone think? the kroxigor and the temple guard all have a unit of skinks screening them, with 2 units of skinks to destroy war machines and if i can take out mages.

    i was toying with the idea of dropping the priests and having a scar vet in each unit of temple guard instead, to make them real steamrollers. im also thinking about making the kroxigor one unit on 6. not sure though.

    all comments would be gold! thanks, will.

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    the hell! u guys are messed up. A dragon and TWO slann :eek:!?

    one 2nd gen is enough with one or two priests.

    drop the temple guard to 1 unit and upgrade a slann to bsb.

    get some sarus they tear poor elf infantry appart if they charge, if not then...well...

    the kroxies and skinks look fine but id give the skinks blow pipes and give the kroxies a skink screan.

    Sarus calvry would be nice aswell

    the best way to kill a dragon is through CR and running it down btw.
    "Heresy is like a garden weed, it won't stop feeding until you... BURN THE WHOLE DAMN GARDEN WITH A FLAMER, BURN IT, BURN IT TO HELL!!!!!" "Is there a wittle puppy in the garden? ITS A DAEMON! BURN IT!"

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    Well, that's quite a unique army there, I can just picture the scene at the Temple city now...

    Slann One: "Sup dude?"
    Slann Two: "We're being invaded by Elves."
    Slann One: "Ah well, just mobilise the vast armies of Saurus that we keep in all of our cities and go kick their asses."
    Slann Two: "We don't have any Saurus."
    Slann One: "What? Where'd they go?"
    Slann Two: "Dunno, they were here earlier. Guess they must be off playing beach volleyball or somethin'."
    Slann One: "So I guess it's just me and you and these Temple Guard then."
    Slann Two: "That and these off-duty workers I've managed to drag out of the city."
    Slann One: "Hmm, okay then, that should be plenty. Let's go kick some ass mofo!"
    Slann Two: "I hear ya bro! Lock and Load!"

    On a serious note, I'm not quite sure why you and your opponents just can't choose slighly more normal armies for once! I understand that some players that you may have to face do cheese out their armies, but it doesn't mean you have to do the same.

    If you're playing against a magic heavy High Elf force, why not try using a Sacred Host of Tepok led by a fourth or third generation Slann. That should help dampen the High Elf magic phase while allowing you to do what you thought of in your own post, use everything in the Lizardmen arsenal (including Saurus) to kick their fragile T3 backsides.
    And the Dragon... Do you think a properly equipped Oldblood on a Carnosaur could give it a good fight?!
    "Peace, through superior firepower."

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    What you could do to dramatically increase the number of models in the army is wuite simple.
    drop the temple guards. they are uverly expensive, and the improved WS doesn't make a diference vs elves. MSoQuetzl will do even better with a 3+ save.

    I would make the slanns 4th generation, and give the plaque of dominion, diadem of power.

    srop 1 skink pirest, one more or less won't do any good at this point, invest the points in more skinks and saurus.

    Make one of the Slanns a BSB.
    Last edited by Wolf_Pack; August 5th, 2005 at 02:15.
    Best Regards,

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