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    [1128] Casual Lizardmen.

    I play demonhunters in 40k but have recently gotten into fantasy. This is basically what I've bought so far. My friend who plays fantasy plays Orks & Goblins, i have no experience, so please tell me if the list will at lest be competent against them.


    Skink Priest lvl 2
    Blood Statuete of Spite

    12 skinks
    javelins and shield

    12 skinks

    16 saurus
    Hw and shields


    16 saurus
    Spears and shields
    BSo Quetzl

    3 terradons


    3 salamanders

    Total 1128

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    This list does have a chance vs O&G, don't worry about that.

    I would definitely give all your Skinks scouting. You won't have to worry about a lot of enemy shooting, so screening is not nessecary. While your poison can kill O&G bigtime. So have them scouting and shooting as early as possible.
    If you're able to panic some units, the Skinks will have earned their points back easily.

    Something else that might be good is dropping your Saurus units back to 15 each. O&G will outnumber you, but Saurus are the better fighters. If you have units of 15, you can deploy them 5x3. The extra frontage will allow you to kill more of them and win combat.

    From my head I don't remember what I Orcs have. But if they have I2, it would certainly be worthwile to give your Saurus the Spawning of Tzunki, which makes them I2 too.

    Salamanders are very good against O&G. Especially if you manage to panic units with your fiery breath. And don't worry about them being charged by Gobbo's, you'll prolly win combat.

    Use your Terradons to hunt warmachines and any lone mage he might have. Though with the mage, you should try to kill him with your Statuette first. That's what it is for.

    And if he has units of Night Gobbo's (those guys in black robes with pointy hats and crooked moons everywhere), look out for Fanatics. If these little guys go rampant near your Saurus, it will cost you. So I'd try to lure them out with either Skinks or your Terradons.

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