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    [2000] friendly lizzies

    I am going to be against two of my friends who are allied and who play dark elves and vampire counts. I will have 2000 points, and they will have 1000 points each. I have their army lists (mostly) handy also, and any suggestions for them would also be appreciated because they are my friends, and i would like to help them out.

    [2000] lizzies

    Oldblood - 465
    BSo Itzl, Quetzl, and Sotek
    Aura of quetzl
    Maiming shield
    Light armour, spear

    Scar-Vet - 141
    BSo Itzl, Tepok
    Cold One
    Shield, Spear, Light armour

    Skink Priest - 115
    Dispel Scroll x2

    16 Saurus - 222

    10 Skinks - 60

    13 Skinks - 78
    Shields and Javelins

    13 Skinks - 78
    Shields and Javelins

    13 Skinks - 81

    7 Saurus Cavalry - 275
    Standard Bearer, musician

    3 Kroxigors - 174

    3 Terradons - 105

    3 Salamanders - 195

    Anyways some of you may be wondering about my skinks. I put them in groups of 13 because it takes 4 casualties to make them flee. The group of 10 are extras that will advance on the flank, while the other non-scouts will screen.

    [1000] Dark Elves

    Noble - 78
    Great weapon
    heavy armour
    -rides in chariot

    20 Warriors - 185

    12 XBow Elves - 137

    16 Corsairs - 185

    5 Dark Riders - 127

    Chariot - 87

    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200

    I know that dark elf magic is good, but my friend doesnt like to use it.

    [1000] Vampire Counts

    Wight - 79
    Some equiptment, i forget
    ill try to find out soon

    Necromancer - 140
    lvl 2
    book of archkan

    Necromancer - 140
    lvl 2
    some staff, kinda forget this too

    20 Zombies - 100

    20 Zombies - 100

    10 Wolves - 90

    15 Grave Guard - 180

    14 Grave Guard - 170
    Wight here

    The point of this army is to raise zombies, and use Grave guard in cc.

    Anyways my overall plan against these two armies is to split my deployment with the saurus, half the skinks, the salamanders, and terradons on one side, and the cavalry, the kroxigors and the other half of the skinks on the other side. Then my plan is to isolate whichever army deploys opposite of the side with my saurus on it. I am hoping to be able to attack the dark elves first, because they are fast, and could come to the vamps aid quickly if i isolated them. Anyways i will use my scouts to try to slow the army that i dont attack first.

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    You need 2 things:
    - More dispel power.
    - More ranked units, 1 is not enough.

    The Kroxigor also have little use.

    This is what I'd do. I'd drop the Krox and slim down the CoR to take a 2nd unit of Saurus, 15 or 16 strong.

    I'd also drop the Old Blood's Spawning of Quetzl. There isn't much shooting to worry about and he's got a Ward Save too. Take the Spawning of Tepok instead for another DD. Crippling the VC's magic phase will be a great aid in defeating them.
    Furthermore I'd consider changing the Aura of Quetzl for the Glyph Necklace. It gives a lesser save, but there's much more S3-S4 damage to worry about than S5+ damage. Especially the Grave Guard with their killing blow. Getting the ward save to work against them might be crucial.

    Finally get another unit of Skinks to scout. There isn't much shooting to worry about and the sooner you get to blaze away at those zombies and elves the better.

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