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    2000 pt. friendly lizardmen list help wanted

    Lords and heroes:
    2nd generation slaan mage-priest w/ the divine plaque of protection, and the plaque of dominion
    skink priest w/ charm of the jaguar warrior
    skink priest w/ charm of the jaguar warrior

    20 saurus warriors w/ hand weapons, shields, and full command
    20 saurus warriors w/ spears, shields, and full command

    10 saurus cavalry w/ hand weapons, shields, spears, and full command
    3 kroxigor w/ kroxigor ancient

    the total comes out to 1989

    any help or tips would be much appreciated

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    Well the list is illegal for 2 reasons currently.

    1) You have the same mgical item twice in your list. The only items with that priviledge are dispel scrolls and power stones
    2) You only have 2 core choices, and at 2000pts you need 3.

    I suggest making the following alterations.

    1) Drop one priest
    2) Drop the spears from the saurus
    3) Drop the Ancient from the kroxigors.
    4) Get some skinks, two units of 12 with javalins and spears and one unit with the scouting rule and blowpipes, if you can afford it.

    Hope this helps :ninja:
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    I would agree with getting some skinks, they are unbelievably amazing, although i'm not sure why people are so adamant with taking them in groups of 10-12, they work best in units of 20+ i have found.

    I would say keep the ancient though, because in combat if an enemy model is in contact with the champ and no other krox then he has to fight the champ. So it may well turn out that your opponent delivers 3 unsaved wounds in that round of combat and you dont have to remove any models. I think he's well worth the 20 points.

    Yeah i also think spears aren't worth it with the saurus, but i tend not to use saurus anyway.

    Maybe you could split your ten cavaly into two groups of five, but of course you would need to drop some models for the skinks, i would suggest losing some of the cavalry.

    But thats just what i think


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