well ive been tryint to put together a 2000 point army for this end of year tournament for fantasy, and ive been tring a a couple of list with lizardmen for this, one with sutherlnads list and some other regualr list. im going to post a couple of list and want help to see which one would be better for tournament or wateva i may need them for.

Fist List: '' Lizardmen of the Kai(ancient)"

Old Blood w/ Blade of revred Tzunki, Glyph neclace, Shield, Light armour, Bless of Sotek, Topek and Itzl and moutned on Cold One 328pts

Scar veteran w/ Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Bless of Quetzl and Light Armour 132pts
Skink Priest w/ lvl2 and 2 Dispel scroll 150pts
Skink Priest w/ lvl2 and Dispel scroll 125pts

15 Sarus Warriors w/ Full Command 210pts
15 Sarus Warriors w/ Full Command 210pts
15 Sarus Warriors w/ Full Command 210pts
10 Skinks w/ Blowpipes 60pts
10 Skinks w/ brave and Javlins and Shields 65pts

7 Sarus Calvary w/ Full Command and Sun Standard of Chotec 335pts
3 Kroxigors w/ great weapons 174pts

total 1999 points
total 6 power dice and 5 dispel

for this list i am just going to use what i get in the batalion and buy some other stuffs. for this army list its a cheap army and i can just get everything already since i got enough money.


old blood with sarus try to advance from the flank shielded by skinks with javlins n shields
on the other flank with kroxigors shielded by skins with pipes
3 blocks of sarus in the middle one with veteran and march up.
2 skink priest stay in a bush and cast comet or any other cool heaven magic spells.

so which list should i try to do or what changes?
any help would be apreciated aswell as any critism