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    2500 Lizzies-friendly

    Ok lads, I need to buy a few more models but I have most of this stuff already. I'm looking for all sorts of suggestions, but like I said, I do have most of this stuff so suggesting taking certain things instead that I would need to purchase different models for is welcome, but not very helpful. Anyway, this army has alot of different models and seems to be competetive, but I've only played one game of fantasy so saying I'm a noob is a vast understatement. Thanks.


    4th Gen. Slann with Battle Standard- 390


    Scar-vet with Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, GW, Shield, LA- 111
    Lvl 2 Skink Priest with Dispel Scroll- 125
    Lvl 2 Skink Priest with Dispel Scroll- 125


    25 Skinks with J's and S's- 150
    10 Skinks with Blowpipes- 60
    10 Skinks with Blowpipes- 60

    10 Saurus with hand weapons and shields, full command- 150
    10 Saurus with hand weapons and shields, full command- 150
    10 Saurus with hand weapons and shields, full command- 150
    10 Saurus with hand weapons and shields, full command- 150


    8 CoR- 280
    3 Terradon Riders- 105


    Stegadon- 235
    Salamander Hunting Pack with 3 Salamanders- 195

    Total: 2436

    I wasn't quite sure how else to equip the Slann so the remaining points could be used to give him a nifty plaque or magic item that might make him more useful. The basic plan is to use the large group of skinks to shield the Saurus, have the Steg and the CoR guard the flanks as well as the 2 smaller skink units with blowpipes, The Terradons and Mr. 18' charge Scarvet go war machine/chariot hunting, the sallies burn anything in their path, I will place them in the center to strengthen the saurus or weight a flank with them to intimidate the enemy, meanwhile the Slann and his Skink Priest aids fire as much magic at the enemy as possible. Wow, that was a long, grammatically incorrect sentence. YAY! Anyway, the one big thing I see here that people might say is "Why are your Saurus in ranks of 10?" well, to make them more manouverable of course. At M4, I could be out flanked, or more likely, ignored if facing a quicker army like wood elves. Anyway, tear it to shreds, thanks.

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    In essence it's a good and complete list. Except for 2 points: Slann equipment and Saurus.

    I'd first give the Slann the Divine Plaque of Protection, to keep him alive. That Ward save is fantastic. With the rest of the points I'd just experminent a bit. Try the Plaque of Dominion for extra dice, or the Plaque of Tepok for an extra spell or maybe the Diadem of Power to be able to overload a critical turn with magic. All are great in the right situations. I'd just have a look and see which suits you best.

    Then the Saurus. I know you want them in small units and I favour smaller manoeuvrable units too. But 10 is too small in 2.5k. Most stuff will just walk right over your Saurus. Instead I'd go with units of 15. If you've bought those Saurus in standard batallions you should have 8 left, which is more than enough. 15 will make you able to present a strong frontline of 5 warriors, while both retaining manoeuvrability and the numbers+rank bonusses which will make you survive longer.
    If you want the Slann in a unit I'd give him a bodyguard of 16 men. Very difficult to break.

    To pay for these things you could consider dropping some of the Saurus command, or the CoR back to a unit of 6 and maybe couple of Skinks to fill holes.

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