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    1500pt army list (friendly)

    Hello! This is my first attempt at an army list. I only got the lizardmen army book last weekend so don't blame me if it is bad. Ohk here goes:

    Scar Veteran 158 pts
    Light Armour, shield, great weapon, glyph necklace,
    venom of firefly frog, Bs of Tzlacotl

    Skink Shamon 125 pts
    Lvl 2 wizard, dispell scroll

    Skink Shamon 90pts
    dispell scroll

    20 Saurus Warriors 270 pts
    Hand weapons, shields, Full Command

    20 Saurus Warriors 290 pts
    Hand weapons, sheilds, full command, BS of Tzlacotl (Scar-Vet goes here)

    10 Skinks 60 pts

    10 skinks 70 pts
    Blowpipes, scouts

    10 skinks 70 pts
    Blowpipes, scouts

    3 Jungle Swarms 180pts

    3 kroxigors 174 pts Total:1487

    What do you think? Be happy for you to post improvments or advice! Also once i've finished painting i've set up a game against a friend who has an Undead army. Any advice or warnings?

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    There's probably been no replies because it looks like a pretty solid list. I can't really find much wrong with it myself.

    The only real thing I would do is drop 5 saurus(or 4 saurus and the champ if you prefer 4 x4/ i like 5 x 3) and add another unit of jav skinks to screen. This way a unit can screen the krox and the other may screen the big saurus block or try and stretch across both. Once the screen is out of the way the skinks can make us of the poison as I believe TK has low armor saves, but I'm not positive on that. Even if they have average armor I would still recomend this change.

    This is a good list(especially for first attempt), and I believe it can win againt TK(with or without changes).

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