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    1500 Host of Sotek (friendly) army

    I'm a very casual player, and a college student to boot, so in short I haven't dedicated alot of time into army building or finding out all the rules for the army (I have yet to even read the lizardmen book). I have played a few proxy 1500 games as lizardmen though, and I've really begun to enjoy them. So with this in mind, I have several questions: 1. Are there any amazing rules/penalties that I am missing out on? (The only significant ones I am aware of are Cold Blooded and the skink screen for Kroxigors). 2. Are there any suggestions you can give for the army I built?

    HERO: 457 Points
    Saurus Scar-Vet - 187 points
    Blessing of Itzl
    Blessing of Sotek
    Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent
    Light Armor + Shield

    2x Skink Priest - 270 points
    Magic Lvl 2
    Lore of Beast
    Blessing of Sotek
    Dispel Scroll

    CORE: 327 Points
    16x Saurus Warrior - 252 points
    (rows of 6)
    Blessing of Sotek
    Champion, Standard, and Musician

    10x Skink Skirmishers - 75 Points
    Blessing of Sotek
    Champion and Blowpipes

    SPECIAL: 477 Points
    4x Kroxigors - 252 points
    Champion and Great Weapon

    5x Saurus Cavalry - 225 points (The General rides with this unit)
    Spear, Shield, and Cold One
    Champion, Standard, and Musician

    RARE: 235 Points
    Stegadon - 235 points
    Giant Bow, Skink Crew

    TOTAL: 1496 Points

    In all the games I've played, the skinks have been pretty useless and I've relied heavily on the General/Cav Unit, Kroxigors, and Steggy to kill everything with fear/terror and a massive number of attacks. The armies I've play against are Dark Elf, Skaven, Ogre, and Vampire Counts, and I haven't had any overly depressing losses as of yet. I would greatly appriciate any advice though.

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    My advice would be to invest more in your core units.

    I would forget the steg for now and use the points to beef up your saurus.



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