Well I made this list purely for fun and it actually apeared like it may fare well. It seems like if I didn't let my general stray from my steg. it would have been closer to a draw than a loss. I also let my krox get charged again Yeah, I'm still working on tactics lol. Anyway tell me what you guys think:

General: Scar-vet - GW, LA, Shield, Sword of Battle, COTJ(to keep up)

Skink Priest - Diadem

10 skinks w/ blowpipes

10 skinks w/ javs

10 skinks w/ javs

3 kroxigors


1 Stegadon

No looking at it, it seems less viable in 7th ed. because the scar-vet can be singled out now can't he? Anyway I was thinking of doing sort of a blitzkreig with the COs and the Steg while two unit os skinks will go off with krox. Or since SCOR have high Ld they can go off a little with a screen while the krox steg and scar-vet move from unit to unit.

It's just a fun list to use but in my limited experiance with it, it has been woring better than some of my other lists.