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    combat based lizzy list

    sv- cotjw-sotek, quetzl, light armor and shield, great weapon, aura
    sv- bsb- quetzl- sun standard
    23 sw- muso and champ
    20 sw full command
    2x 10 skinks
    3 terras
    3 kroxes
    3 sallies
    total: 1501 (this is ok)
    i don't need magic defense cause the 2 armies i might face, well the players don't use magic
    the idea is to advance with my army, sv's in the big sw unit
    the big unit is harder to shoot cause of sun standard, and hopefully will cut down on the casualties ill take

    you know, who actually reads these things?

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    I wonder what armies your regular opponents play as your outting a lot of points into protecting your general. I think a shield is a bit silly seeming as you'll have a great weapon so you cant use it in combat and if he is in the unit he cant be shot at. Add to this the fact that youve given him the spawn of Quetzl I dont understand why you gave him a shield at all. Drop it and it will get you below 1500 points. I dont think you should be too susceptible to S5+ attacks (unless there are a lot of war machines eg dwarfs) and if you have to deal with an army general with over S5 you have a 3+ basic Armour save. If your planning on your general and BSB being in the same unit why did you give your general the Curse of the Jaguar warrior. I can understand if your planning on using him as a JSoD (flying round the battlefield killing chariots and causing havoc) and you have equipped him as such but you said he would be in your unit of saurus. This I do not understand. Either have him as a JSoD (in any case I think all the protection is a bit much as he should only be out of combat one turn) or have him as the leader of your saurus warriors.

    In any case you have too much money spent on your general and you wont use all of the items and abilities.

    Apart from that little rant (which has probably arisen fro me reading your post wrong {goofy} ) I like this list. If you are playing dwarfs I recommend maybe getting some more terradons as they die pretty easily (though you could just be really careful with them).
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