Hey Im gonna start getting into Lizzies again and I have the 5th edition starter set and using that as a base I want to create an army. This will be my 1000 point 1st force and I plan on making it grow over the summer. I am a student tho so money is tight so not too many new models (in GW i hear "But your skinks have bows"). I plan on trying to get this army ready for Nemesis Crown but that probably wont happen.

Scar Veteran 139 Points
Light Armour
Scimitar of sun Resplendent

Skink Priest 145 points
Level 2
Rod Of Storm

20 Saurus 264 points
Full Command

10 Scouting skinks

11 Skinks
javelins and shields

15 Saurus

2 Salamander hunting packs

1000 Points
66 Models
4 Power dice
3 Dispel dice

The general goes in the bigger saurus unit so in combat the front rank can deal out 15 attacks!! The scouting skinks will go war machine hunting as well as wizard hunting and trapping units. The skink priest will scout behind a unit and cast rod of storm into a unit. The automatic panic test could be very useful on units such as Night Goblins. The 2 saurus units will work together with the big unit attacking first and the smaller unit charging in the flank (or vice versa if he gets the charge). The salamanders will go after knights and guard the flank of the saurus. The skinks could end up guarding th other one but I might use a table edge for that. If im facing a very magic army (such as TK or high elves) then I might just make the skink priest a scroll caddy and lose the scout and magic items and spend the points on 2 more saurus and another skink.

Any thoughts?