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    1500 Sac. Host of Tlazcotl

    Sac. Host Tlazcotl 1500 (1500)

    H/G Scar Vet
    w/ Sp. Tlazcotl, Sp. Quetzl, L. Armor, G. Weapon, Glyph Necklace, Shield
    w/ warriors x16

    H Scar Vet
    w/ Sp. Tlazcotl, Sp. Quetzl, Sword of the Hornet, L. Armor, BtStBr, Talis. Of Protection
    w/ warriors x16

    H Sk. Priest w/ L2, Sp. Tlazcotl, Diadem of Power, Scout

    C Sk. Skir. x12 w/ Sp. Tlazcotl, Scout

    C Saur. War. x16 w/ Sp. Tlazcotl, Spears, Standard/Champion

    C Saur. War. x16 w/ Sp. Tlazcotl, Spears, Standard/Champion

    S Saur. War. x20 w/ Sp. Tlazcotl, Sp. Quetzl, Spears, FullCom

    Can't sleep. So of course, got up and made an army.

    The perfect army for the days I just don't want to think (or, alternativlely, just woke up!).

    Compact point size so can play most any player w/o having to exclude people who don't have big armies yet or cut my own down at last minute, good against all comers, simple but effective strategy. Nice if I get charges, not crippling if I don't.

    An entire Immune to Psych lizardman army, with hard to kill characters in 2 units, and the 3rd unit just being big for that size/army.

    Looking at a 5x5x5x1 block pre characters joining at the start on the 16 blocks.
    A 6x6x6x2 on the 20 block.
    That way effectivly I can suffer 2 or 3 casualties on the way in and still be 3 ranks deep. Probably not protection against dwarven gunlines but they'll have fewer troops when I get there, and vs. Empire (BS) and Elves (S) range it should mean I have a fighting chance of not losing the rank on the way in unless it's a true shooty army (in which case, the fact I can't be paniced means I probably win since once I get there I can trounce those armies).

    In CC feel pretty good about how the units will do. Again, Lizardmen, Immune to Psych. Don't know many armies that can handle a Lizardmen force they must fight for the long haul. Plus even when I lose barring really poor rolls every game will be a nail biter for my foes... sure they might win big but since they haveto wipe me out to a man... err lizard...

    Skinks should be able to deny enemy too much movement on one flank, and if I can keep them together the middle unit will be tough to flank. That means only 1 of the units should be readily flankable, and smart movement near terrain might even limit that.

    On the skinks, being immune to psych I might even do the unthinkable and give them Jav/Shield combo. Probably not, I'm a pretty big blowpipe over jav/shld proponent... but one of the few times the numbers begin to even them out and skinks in melee becomes not a total joke. (especially on a last turn or two flank, or hunting otherwise tough warmachine crews like Dorfs I could never melee with normal skinks).

    Weaknesses? Flyers could get behind me. Ditto with fast cav. Though at 1500 shouldn't face droves of either. Slow army with no CAv or flyers, so anything that slows movement will hurt me doubly so and terrain will need to be factored in (the whole plan is hurt if the 3 units can't guard each others flanks). Range is nigh on non-existent. Some Chaos demon and other immune to psych armys can give me some grief (a handful of VC/TK obviously) by playing my own game with me but at this point value most our really ub3r stuff has to come in limited numbers on both sides so it should still be at least a chance of me going toe to toe with any such foe.

    Other then that though feeling pretty good about this list. I didn't built it to kill everyone and be some all dominating tournament list, I just built it so I'd have a quick throw together force on days I otherwise wouldn't play cause I was too burnt to give my all with a more crafty build. Honestly aside from where to put the skinks, and some minor terrain issues, this is just an easy army to play. (I might even loan it to newbies... great way to play a first game, using normal rules, but not having to worry about learning the psychology stuff)

    My only real decision was the Diadem vs the Staff of Lost Sun, but at 1500 the ability to generate 6 dice for my skink to cast with, or generate 5 dispel dice should i come across VC or an elven casty army, is just too nice to pass up in an 'all comers' situation.

    Err one more weakness. No Saur. Cav. I'm gonna miss them. Still though, an entire army made up of only 4 units characters inclusive at 1500... fun with no brains, and yes sometimes I do occupy my brain with other things then game in a day and it's nice to let game be my dumb part.

    Guilty secret I always envied the true Orc players with the Orc mindset who just played by a massive goofy advance. Hehe now I'm mimicing them! (Oddly I can never do it with my Orcs, I can play Orcs, but not play Orcs like Orcs, sadly I'm too much of a Goblin mindset)

    Alright. Trying to go back to sleep. Night all.

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