2250pnt Lizardmen - Nemesis Crown - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250pnt Lizardmen - Nemesis Crown

    Hi all, i posted this in the wrong section of the forum. I do apologise, hopefully the moderators will delete it. I started playing nemesis campaign yesterday night, I vs Dwarfs and Orcs & Goblins, I massacred both armies . I have yet to vs the Vampire Counts, but i will be on monday or maybe wednesday. The List was slightly different, but i can't quite remember what I changed to make it an even 2250 . I think in future I will change the jaguar standard to a war banner for extra combat res, but other than that i am very happy with the list and how it is working for me atm. Any Extra advice welcome. This is part of the original post:

    This is what I used and it worked miracles:

    The Turbine From Hell 2250 Pts - Lizardmen Army

    1 Skittles (Saurus Oldblood) @ 328 Pts
    General; Light Armour; Shield; Itzl; Sotek; Tepok
    Aura of Quetzl [30]
    Blade of Revered Tzunki [65]
    1 Cold One @ [0] Pts

    1 * Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 133 Pts
    Great Weapon; Light Armour; Shield; Tepok
    Charm of the Jaguar Warrior [20]

    1 Saurus Scar-Veteran @ 180 Pts
    Light Armour; Battle Standard; Tepok; Itzl
    Sword of Might [20]
    1 Cold One @ [0] Pts

    1 Skink Priest @ 115 Pts
    Magic Level 1; Lore of Heaven
    Dispel Scroll [25]
    Dispel Scroll [25]

    12 Skink Skirmishers @ 72 Pts
    Javelin; Shield

    11 Skink Skirmishers @ 66 Pts

    20 Saurus Warriors @ 288 Pts
    Shield; Standard; Musician; Quetzl

    20 Saurus Warriors @ 258 Pts
    Shield; Standard; Musician

    3 Kroxigors @ 174 Pts
    Great Weapon

    8 Saurus Cavalry @ 335 Pts
    Spear; Shield; Standard; Musician
    Jaguar Standard [25]

    3 Terradons @ 105 Pts

    3 Salamander Hunting Packs @ 195 Pts

    9 Skink Handlers @ [0] Pts

    Casting Pool: 3

    Dispel Pool: 6

    Models in Army: 93

    Total Army Cost: 2249

    I had a three way with Dwarfs and Skaven last night and it worked like a charm. I amassed over 2000 victory points in the battle making me the clear leader. I lost my kroxigors, salamanders, all the skinks and a block of saurus in the carnage but my cold one riders only lost half from dwarf shooting and the rest was pretty much untouched. All I can say that sledghammer cavalry ( I put my lord in with the BSB ) smashed through over 800pnts and my Kroxigors killed his slayer character after he charged me! I wiped the skaven almost to the man off the board killing his bell with my cavalry.

    I will be using the list today in the round robin.



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    First of all, its great to have another fellow lizardman in the nemesis campaign!! We need all the help we can get, so far i think we're coming 4th. Hope you post up those wins. Anyway i find BSO tzlacotl on the saurus is a must versus undead if you can afford it, i once had a really bad game where a unit of skinks paniced, ran through the centre of my line past 2 units of about 20 saurus and both (count them, Both!) units of saurus paniced as well and i got massacred. that was a really bad day. The odds on that were like 2000-1 but it can happen so it bso tzlacotl works really well as a safeguard. Other than that, great list and keep chalking up wins 4 tha lizards!!

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