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Thread: new to fantasy

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    new to fantasy

    hey all, ive been playing 40k for years and i think ive finally decided to start fantasy. i was thinking of starting lizardmen (or possibly vampire counts, but i figure with the upcoming release everyone is going to play them)

    any suggestions on what to start with? my problem is i like pretty much all of the models. i really like the idea of an extremely hard hitting CC force, and i really like the carnosaur model. however im not against magic, thought im new to it, and i really like the temple guard (require slann). and the prices for most of the units doesnt help. any ideas? thanks

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    Temple guard are fantastic (although costly) with a good paint job you can convert them using normal saurus if you don't fancy spending the dollar on the metal models, that's how I did mine.

    Also they're a great excuse to run the lovely 2nd Gen Slann. It will become an expensive unit but it will dominate the magic phase as well as being an awesome close combat unit (The temple guard champ dishes out 3 s5 attacks, most armies have to pay a lot of points for their heroes to do that!)

    Also you have the stubborn/cold-blood/BSB combo which results in the unit being almost unbreakable, so don't woryy about getting flanked (in fact, it's a great way to lure an opponent out of position, sometimes they can't resist that rather conveniently "exposed" flank ;Y). Watch out for fear though, although we have ways round that, a banner and a number of spells the slann can cast on the unit.

    Pit of shades is a killer, but I guess you can't have everything.

    I don't think there is a bad unit in the LM army. Even the skink chief can be a threat with a cloak of feather, BSoSotek and an add. HW.

    Just try things out, you'll soon find out what you like

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