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    Just to get some facts straight...

    Ive been thinking about going into lizardmen zeriously (normaly play as eldar for 40k) and i have looked up whole loads of stuff and had a codex (lost it when i moved T.T) and since i dont have the neew one yet for sure i was thinking i would take on some army list suggestions.

    I am thinking to have an army based around Extreme saves and wounding ability, so naturally its going to end up a sacred host of Questzl build and i wwould like some sujjestions for my army (1,000 points) i alrdy have a steg for when i hit 2k so heres what i was thinking and if i have a star beside the name it means i have those alrdy.

    Heroes~ i was thin king of something along the lines of a can opener build for my scar vet but didnt want the mount as much, just pure static power

    1 ScarVet
    Enchanted shield
    Burning blade of Chotec
    Bitametl (dont kno if that got revised)
    Aura of Quetzl (if i have enough points left over)
    Sacred blessing of Quetzl
    Sacred blessing of Tlaztcol (no fear/terror/panic etc)

    1*~2 scroll caddys , alrdy have one for sure dont kno if i should have 2
    Dispell scroll (or 2 if i can)

    Core~ usual saurus blocks but with attempts to have Quetzl for all

    1* saurus reg
    BLessing of Questzl
    Standardbearer ~ Sign of Sotek

    1 saurus reg, same as above

    1 ~ 2 skink reg, using one for sure as a krox screen but dont kno if i should have an extra for harrassment purposes

    1~3 kroxers, anti chariot roflmaogone i have one alrdy

    Dont really kno how many points that is alrdy since i didi lose my codex but plz make suggestions and calc points for me if u can... and if i have room i gonna have to get a salamander or some terras, or if i feel really like being a punching bag some swarms... but yea thats it

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