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    All Magic Character Builds

    I've always had a healthy respect for Lizardmen armies, in part because they excel in both combat and magic.

    Passing up the sheer killing capacity of scar vets and old ones isn't easy, but there is a lot of good magic, if you manage to avoid miscasts.

    Which is where Slaans come into play.

    If you took a 2nd gen slaan, how many skink priests can you run? 2? What's the most power dice you can generate?

    How do your opponents deal with all that magic? What is your experience runnings lists with strong LM magic?

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    Assuming this is a 2000 pt setup in my experience when using Slann and priests I usually have little trouble in the magic phase, especially if the opponent hasn't invested in any magic defense. Dwarves and magic heavy armies will give you some trouble but then you have a solid defense against their magic too but I've always been able to cast at least one or two good spells.

    oddly enough my inner group doesn't do much in having magic defense cept our dwarf player and our chaos player and thats only cause he is a magic heavy army as well. But if I were to fight a magic heavy lizzie army I would invest in at least 1 or 2 dispel scrolls on a lone wizard. And since Slanns are a large target, war machines can cause a serious threat to them.

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    I only use a lvl 1 skink priest as a scroll caddy in my Slann 2k list as the Slann provides more than enough firepower and you need the points elsewhere to give the army some units and combat res to fight. Magic can win you the game but it wont destroy everything so blocks and skinks are a must.

    One of the massive advantages of a Slann is his inability to misscast. I rarely use 2 dice when casting with a skink unless my slann has yet to cast or I am not using diadem of power (not so often then!) You dont want your skink misscasting and ending the magic phase or giving your opponent free spells which forces you to use the Slanns power dice pool to cast.

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