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Thread: New lm player

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    New lm player

    Hi all. So I took the plunge and just bought myself a lizardman army. I have be playing wood elves for a long time and wanted a second army and this was always my second choice.

    List of what I got: (all 5th ed. stuff)

    20 Saurus w/spear, SB, Mus
    20 Saurus w/spear, SB, Mus
    14 Skinks w/javelin & shield
    10 Skinks w/hw
    71 Skinks w/bows
    10 Chameleon skinks
    6 Kroxigor
    3 Terradon & riders
    3 Salamanders & handlers
    1 Stegadon
    1 Jungle Swarm
    14 Temple Guard w/shield, SB, Mus

    2 Slann
    2 Saurus characters (1 with hw/shield, the other with 2 hw's)
    2 Skinks characters (Both have javelins)

    Obviously my characters don't match what the book has available now, but for friendly games it won't matter much.

    The question is do I need anything else. I was thinking more saurus maybe. Are cold one riders a necessity. Do I want more jungle swarms. What do you think?


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    I would say you might want to by 2 swarms more terradons about 8 to give you more choice so thats 5 more and you need 3 or 4 skink priests the skins with bows should be converted to blow pipes you could just cut of the end of them but you might want to wait because the new lizardman book is coming out in the first quarter of 09 and you may be able to use bows

    good luck with your new army and may you crush many foes

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    I wouldn't suggest getting swarms until after the LM get an updated army book. As it stands now they are a good 20 some points more expensive than most other armies swarms and don't have the added abilities of some (TK swams getting It Comes from Below ect.). For the same points you can just throw in another unit of Skinks and have a stronger army.

    As for Saurus Cav. I personally like them. However they usually serve as rank and file to medium armored troop killers. If thats what you need then definately pick some up. If you are looking for something to take on a bit heavier armoured troops, go with Krox.

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