So until recently I've been the only lizzie player in my area until my good friend decided to pick them up to, which is okay with me now. *I used to be paranoid about being the only one that I bought some kids codex off him so he wouldn't play lizzies.....=S*

ANYWAYS, my new lizardmen brother is an extremely talented artist, herein lies my problem. before him I was also the best painter in my games workshop store, SO, I must hold up SOME sort of dignity and create some sort of outstanding color sceme for my hombres. Currently some of my saurus are blue, green, I think one is purple. I want to unify them like I am with my Space Marine army right now.


I've decided...I think...that my skinks will be a lime green, and be glossed to make it look like they just got out of the swamp or bathtub.

My Slann is a purple/black mix *love him*

My old blood on carasaur is purple as well.


Said that he was going to paint his saurus with an orange underbelly, and dark gray scales for a volcanic look.


Make my army pop. What should I pull off.

Any an all idea's are welcome. I need most help with my saurus but if you have other idea's as well hit me!

Peace =P