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Thread: Temptation

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    Hi. If any of you have seen me on the LO forums, it was likely always up in the 40k section. I've never even scrolled this far down the main page before, to be honest! Today, however, I've done so in a quest of sorts....
    Namely, how to deal with a great Temptation.
    See, I've never played fantasy. Haven't even really watched a fight of it. Don't own any of its models, and don't know any of the rules. I know absolutely nothing about WHFB.
    With me so far?

    So, keeping this in mind, keeping in mind that I don't even know the basic rules(!!!), I must confess. I feel myself drawn to these little (or sometimes slightly large) lizards.
    I must know: what is special about the Lizardmen?
    What do they want?
    Who do they hate?
    Who do they like?
    What is their purpose?

    You know, fluffy stuff!

    And then, on the mechanics level, again...what is special about them? How do they work? Most importantly: What're they gonna run me to build a force?

    Thanks, in advance!

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    Ok originally the old world was dangerous and deadly with only small pockets of jungles here and here.The old ones who are ageless mystic beings masters of magic and had thousands of servants. Their favourite of these servants were the slann who were also powerful magical beings but were nothing compared to the old ones.

    So the old ones traveled to earth and sttled in the tropical parts of the world which suited them and alterd were the earth was and were theequater was making earth hospitable. They created more saurus warriors the fighting element of the lizardmen. They created the skinks who run the daily life in the vast temple cities and they created the kroxigars, slow witted beasts of burden. Finaly the created the slann to rule over the lizardmen.

    Over countless aoens the oldones guided the lizardmen orderly and also created the dwarfs elves men ogres and greenskins and many more altough they tried to exterminate the paracitic race of the greenskins who were an accident they never could.
    Then something happend which the world would never recover from.Chaos came apocaliptic battles were fought were countless millions died but slowly and surly the chaos began to overwhelm the lizardmen andth oldones all either died or fled leaving there favourite servants the slann to protect the world. Then the elves who were also thaught the art of sorcery by the oldones commited a selfless act dooming their greatist mage to an eternity of battleing the chaos. This act drained the deamon essence and many were pulled back into the warp. The lizardmen now fight a constant battle keeping the chaos at bay. They seek to resore the old ones order to the world.

    Some one else will have to tell you about the actual army lists

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