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    stegadons in units?

    firstly i appologise if the answer to this is blatently obvious but...

    looking through the new army book it seems that stegadons are classed as mounts, same as cold ones etc. since mounted characters can be placed in units does the same apply to characters on a stegadon? i cant find anything in the brb that says its not possible.
    Imagine a stegadon in the middle of a massive unit of skinks.... rank bonus and impact hits anyone?

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    I'm telling you, taking krox in a unit is the biggest mistake you can make. Take a BSB skink chief with Hunchi's totem or the skavenpelt banner and put him in a unit of skinks. You get ranks, banners, and impact hits and more attacks, whatever. A cheap unit of skinks with banner and musician and 2 stegadons is much more powerful (esp. on the charge) than any other in the game. With Huanchi's you can move charge 13-18 inches as well. You can make a really fast LM army that way. Throw in some terradons, cold ones and chameleons or kroxigors on the flanks and go to town. I think you'll need a EoTG for slight protection from cannons, otherwise, you'll eat even the hardest unit up. Plus you get terror, stubborn 7 coldblooded and some other benefits. i could go on and on.

    It only works against certain armies. I really think cannons are the main downfall, that and not having a lot of other troops.

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    You are correct, stegadons can go in units. This is the same rule that is currently in affect for all monstrous mounts, well those that can't fly anyway.

    I would put the stegadon in a unit of kroxigors if a chief is along for the ride. If an engine of the gods, I would put it in a unit of saurus.

    Good luck,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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