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Thread: Cult of Tezcat

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    Cult of Tezcat

    Morning lizardmen! My gaming club is switching it's focus from 40k to fantasy, much to my chagrin! We are all picking out our armies, and I decided on something non-standard. My first instinct was to go Empire/Bretonnian, but then I gave the Lizardmen a second hard look. I thought to myself that the color schemes and the sculpts of the LM were pretty workable and would provide a welcome change from painting warm-blooded folks. But they needed something more. See, I'm that guy at the LGS whom is never satisfied with "doing what everyone else does". My 40k Imperial Gaurd army are made up of Cadian parts and pieces from WHFB Empire kits(think napoleonic/crimean wars). My nickname is "ProjectPatrick", 'cause nothing is ever simple for me. I digress. I thought to myself, 'LM are pretty rad. But....they are really the ultimate force for the designs of the Old Ones. What about a sect that is the antithesis of that? One spurned by the Slaan? Not Chaos tainted, that would be too easy. No...what about leaders whom were forerunners of the Slann? Not better than the Slann, but like the misbegotten version 1.0 that the Old Ones created prior to the Slann. Like the iconic prodigal son Lore to the golden boy of Data in ST:TNG. All bitter and pissed off. Very predacious and oppositional to the furtherance of the Old Ones agenda.' The froglike slann in this "counts as" army would be replaced by Snakelike priests of the fallen Old One, Tezcat(actually based off the ancient aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, he seemed to have a somewhat adversarial relationship with Quezacoatl the goody-goody god of the aztecs. plus his name means "The Smoking Mirror", how metal is that?).

    This is a representation of him from mesoamerican murals. The line across his face will be a motif I bring to my design.

    This is a striking representation of a facemask created for rituals involving tezcatlipoca. I hope to find some place to insert this iconography into the army. Maybe as a battle standard? Or even a mask for the priest accompanying his host? Thoughts and comments, or declarations of madness welcome!

    "Courage without the presence of fear is like a pistol without bullets. Meaningless." Colonel Igor Massif, 6777th Severite Rifles M40

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    I really like that idea. Lots of work though. Glads it you and not me.

    Show us the results,
    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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