Hitting a Stegadon in ranged and close combat? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hitting a Stegadon in ranged and close combat?

    Me and my friend are rather new to FB, we have collected the models for a while but we rarely get to play it as one member of our group does not collect FB.

    I feel I have a solid grip of the rules but the Monstrous character mounts rules is confusing. It does not help that I play lizardmen then does it

    In any case I am aware that damage to the monstrous mounts with missile fire is randomized, but in close combat does this mean that a skink chief for example could be targetted by any model in base contact and struck directly? Are these randomized as well?

    Also, I am pretty sure that impact hits are randomized (I believe they are treated as shooting attacks) can this be confirmed?

    On a side note: Spirit of the forge (6 in Lore of metal) worked epically in my last match against warriors of chaos, killing 9 Chaos Knights and even putting a wound on that big sissy Archaon. of course it may have been down to lucky rolling on my part (it shocks me and my friends how often I get a 5 and a six in 2d6 rolls, not good for leaderships, great for everything else though )

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    You are correct that impact hits are randomized. And in close combat attackers get to choose who they want to hit, the stegadon, crew, or characters.

    I am right 94% of the time, why worry about the other 3%.

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